Russian Research Guide

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Start with these recommended resources in this discipline.

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Use these encyclopedias and reference works to get started on a topic.
  • Cambridge Companions
    Surveys of authors, literary history, culture, and philosophy, all written by scholars. Relevant titles include: The Cambridge Companion to Modern Russian Culture, The Cambridge Companion to Chekhov, The Cambridge Companion to Dostoevskii
  • Cambridge Histories
    Provides political, economic and social history, philosophy and literature of selected countries and subjects. Relevant titles include: The Cambridge History of Russia
  • Oxford Dictionaries
    English to non-English translations (and vice versa), phrases, some grammar, and more.
Check out these resources first (also see the Primary Sources research guide).
  • Stalin Digital Archive
    Primary source materials from Stalin's personal papers and monographs on communism. Includes Russian State Archive of Social and Political History documents and the Annals of Communism series.
  • Eastern European and Slavic Studies Collection
    Primary and secondary materials relating to the study of this region including its history, literature, language, political science and more, via University of Wisconsin-Madison Libraries. Collections of note include Russian political and satirical journals, and the Pushkin Collection.
Start with these recommended freely available resources in this discipline.

Russia : a short history (Ascher, Abraham, author.) Frost Library; DK17 .A83 2017

Imagining Russian regions : subnational identity and civil society in nineteenth-century Russia (Smith-Peter, Susan Joan, 1972-, author.) Frost Library; DK189 .S65 2018

The empire must die : Russia's revolutionary collapse, 1900-1917 (Zygarʹ, Mikhail, 1981-, author.) Frost Library; DK189 .Z96 2017

A disastrous matter (Głębocki, Henryk, author.) Frost Library; DK221 .G6213 2017

A generation of revolutionaries (Eklof, Ben, 1946-, author.) Frost Library; DK254.C43 E55 2017

Overtaken by the night : one Russian's journey through peace, war, revolution, & terror (Robbins, Richard G., 1939-, author.) Frost Library; DK254.D96 R63 2017

Lenin 2017 : remembering, repeating, and working through (Lenin, Vladimir Ilʹich, 1870-1924, author.) Frost Library; DK254.L3 A254 2017

Lenin : the man, the dictator, and the master of terror (Sebestyen, Victor, 1956-, author.) Frost Library; DK254.L4 S34 2017

The last of the tsars : Nicholas II and the Russian Revolution (Service, Robert, 1947-, author.) Frost Library; DK258 .S47 2017

Russia's home front in war and revolution, 1914-22. Frost Library; DK264.8 .R874 2015

Revolution! : writings from Russia, 1917 Frost Library; DK265 .A52865 2017

Arc of utopia : the beautiful story of the Russian Revolution (Chamberlain, Lesley, author.) Frost Library; DK265 .C43 2017

The Russian Revolution and its global impact : a short history with documents (Daly, Jonathan W., author.) Frost Library; DK265 .D24 2017

Russia in flames : war, revolution, civil war, 1914-1921 (Engelstein, Laura, author.) Frost Library; DK265 .E476 2018

The Russian Revolution (Fitzpatrick, Sheila, author.) Frost Library; DK265 .F48 2017

The village : Russian impressions (Poole, Ernest, 1880-1950, author.) Frost Library; DK265 .P65 2017

Russian Revolution of 1917 : the essential reference guide Frost Library; DK265 .R958 2017

History of the Russian Revolution (Trotsky, Leon, 1879-1940.) Frost Library; DK265 .T773 2017

Eyewitnesses to the Russian Revolution Frost Library; DK265.69 .E94 2017

Six red months in Russia (Bryant, Louise, 1885-1936, author.) Frost Library; DK265.7 .B77 2017

The experiment : Georgia's forgotten revolution, 1918-1921 (Lee, Eric, 1955-, author.) Frost Library; DK265.8.G4 E97 2017

The Bolsheviks come to power : the revolution of 1917 in Petrograd (Rabinowitch, Alexander, author.) Frost Library; DK265.8.L4 R27 2017

Russian Revolution : hope, tragedy, myths Frost Library; DK265.A197 G7 2017

Russia : from workers' state to state capitalism (Arnove, Anthony, 1969-, author.) Frost Library; DK266.3 .A766 2017

Stalin : from theology to the philosophy of socialism in power (Boer, Roland, 1961-, author.) Frost Library; DK268.S8 B54 2017

Stalin (Kotkin, Stephen, author.) Frost Library; DK268.S8 K65 2014

Identity and nation building in everyday post-socialist life Frost Library; DK293 .I34 2018

Russian-American relations in the post-Cold War world (Peterson, James W. (James Walter), 1945-, author.) Frost Library; DK295 .P48 2017

Muslims in Putin's Russia : discourse on identity, politics, and security (Merati, Simona E., author.) Frost Library; DK34.M8 M47 2017

The power of language and rhetoric in Russian political history (Wortman, Richard, author.) Frost Library; DK38 .W68 2018

Nikolai Bolkhovitinov and American studies in the USSR : people's diplomacy in the Cold War (Zhuk, S. I. (Sergeĭ Ivanovich), author.) Frost Library; DK38.7.B635 Z58 2017

Russia : a historical introduction from Kievan Rus' to the present (Thompson, John M. (John Means) author.) Frost Library; DK40 .T48 2017

Identity, attachment and resilience : exploring three generations of a Polish family (Bifulco, Antonia, 1955-, author.) Frost Library; DK4121 .B54 2018

Between prometheism and realpolitik : Poland and Soviet Ukraine 1921-1926 (Bruski, Jan Jacek, 1969-, author.) Frost Library; DK4185.U38 M5413 2017

Lost kingdom : the quest for empire and the making of the Russian nation, from 1470 to the present (Plokhy, Serhii, 1957-, author.) Frost Library; DK43 .P56 2017

War and diplomacy in East and West : a biography of Józef Retinger (Biskupski, Mieczysław B., author.) Frost Library; DK4420.R48 B57 2017

The un-Polish Poland, 1989 and the illusion of regained historical continuity (Kamusella, Tomasz, author.) Frost Library; DK4449 .K36 2017

Historical dictionary of Latvia (Purs, Aldis, author.) Frost Library; DK504.37 .P58 2017

Skylarks & rebels (Krievina, Rita Laima, author.) Frost Library; DK504.773 .K753 2017

An unproclaimed empire (Norkus, Zenonas, author.) Frost Library; DK505.72 .N6713 2018

Red famine : Stalin's war on Ukraine (Applebaum, Anne, 1964-, author.) Frost Library; DK508.8374 .A67 2017

The Ukrainian night : an intimate history of revolution (Shore, Marci, author.) Frost Library; DK508.852 .S46 2017

Borderlands Orientalism or How the Savage Lost his Nobility (Gutmeyr, Dominik, author.) Frost Library; DK509 .G88 2017

Borderlands Orientalism or How the Savage Lost his Nobility The Russian Perception of the Caucasus b (Gutmeyr, Dominik, author.) Frost Library; DK509 .G88 2017

Other Russias (Lomasko, Viktorii︠a︡, author.) Frost Library; DK510.76 .L6613 2017

The future is history : how totalitarianism reclaimed Russia (Gessen, Masha, author.) Frost Library; DK510.763 .G48 2017

Russia's resurgence Frost Library; DK510.763 .R87 2017

Russia-EU relations and the common neighborhood : coercion vs. authority (Busygina, Irina, author.) Frost Library; DK510.764 .B88 2017

Russia's geoeconomic strategy for a greater Eurasia (Diesen, Glenn, author.) Frost Library; DK510.764 .D54 2018

International politics in the Arctic (Hønneland, Geir, author.) Frost Library; DK510.764 .H66 2017

The man without a face : the unlikely rise of Vladimir Putin (Gessen, Masha, author.) Frost Library; DK510.766.P87 G47 2013

How socio-cultural codes shaped violent mobilization and pro-insurgent support in the Chechen Wars (Souleimanov, Emil, author.) Frost Library; DK511.C37 S68 2017

Mission to the Volga (Ibn Faḍlān, Aḥmad, active 922, author.) Frost Library; DK511.T17 I2313 2017

The House of Government : a saga of the Russian Revolution (Slezkine, Yuri, 1956-, author.) Frost Library; DK601 .S57 2017

What is Russia up to in the Middle East? (Trenin, Dmitriĭ, author.) Frost Library; DK68.5 .T74 2018

Across the Ussuri Kray : travels in the Sikhote-Alin Mountains (Arsenʹev, V. K. (Vladimir Klavdievich), 1872-1930, author.) Frost Library; DK771.U9 A813 2016

Nationalism in Central Asia : a biography of the Uzbekistan-Kyrgyzstan boundary (Megoran, Nick, author.) Frost Library; DK948.62 .M45 2017

Belladonna (Drndić, Daša, 1946-, author.) Frost Library; PG1619.14.R58 B4513 2017

Justice (Šalamun, Tomaž, author.) Frost Library; PG1919.29.A5 A6 2015

Intermediate Russian : a grammar and workbook (Murray, John (John Damian)) Frost Library; PG2112 .M874 2013

Russian for Russians = Russkiĭ dli͡a russkikh (Kagan, Olga.) Frost Library; PG2112 .R87 2002

Basic Russian : a grammar and workbook (Smyth, Sarah, author.) Frost Library; PG2112 .S58 2013

The Russian's world (Gerhart, Genevra.) Frost Library; PG2121 .G43 2012

Russian : from intermediate to advanced (Kagan, Olga, author.) Frost Library; PG2129.E5 K337 2015

Advanced Russian through history : [dela davno minuvshikh dneĭ] (Rifkin, Benjamin, 1960-, author.) Frost Library; PG2129.E5 R544 2007

Grammatika v kontekste : Russian grammar in literary contexts (Rifkin, Benjamin, 1960-) Frost Library; PG2129.E5 R545 1996

Collected writings (Crone, Anna Lisa, author.) Frost Library; PG2933 .C76 2016

Physical pain and justice : Greek tragedy and the Russian novel (Rosenshield, Gary, author.) Frost Library; PG2980.5 .R67 2017

The river of time (Probshteĭn, I͡An, author.) Frost Library; PG2981.E5 P76 2017

Economies of feeling : Russian literature under Nicholas I (Porter, Jillian, author.) Frost Library; PG3012 .P67 2017

Acts of logos in Pushkin and Gogol : Petersburg texts and subtexts (Scollins, Kathleen, 1971-, author.) Frost Library; PG3015.5.S27 S36 2017

The institutions of Russian modernism : conceptualizing, publishing, and reading symbolism (Stone, Jonathan, 1977-, author.) Frost Library; PG3015.5.S9 S76 2017

Alternative kinships : economy and family in Russian modernism (Emery, Jacob, 1977-, author.) Frost Library; PG3020.5.F34 E64 2017

Turned inside out : reading the Russian novel in prison (Shankman, Steven, 1947-, author.) Frost Library; PG3095 .S44 2017

Short stories in Russian = Rasskazy na russkom i͡azyke Frost Library; PG3213 .S46 2017

Written in the dark : five poets in the siege of Leningrad Frost Library; PG3237.E5 W75 2016

Russian émigré short stories from Bunin to Yanovsky Frost Library; PG3286 .R892 2017

Narrative faith : Dostoevsky, Camus, and Singer (Stromberg, David, 1980-, author.) Frost Library; PG3328.Z7 R465 2018

War and peace (Tolstoy, Leo, graf, 1828-1910, author.) Frost Library; PG3366 .V6 2017

Tolstoy and Tolstaya : a portrait of a life in letters (Tolstoy, Leo, graf, 1828-1910, author.) Frost Library; PG3379 .T6513 2017

Leo Tolstoy Frost Library; PG3410 .L467 2017

City folk and country folk (Khvoshchinskai︠a︡, Sofʹi︠a︡ Dmitrievna, 1828-1865, author.) Frost Library; PG3447.V47 G6713 2017

Andrey Bely's Petersburg : a centennial celebration Frost Library; PG3453.B84 P5316 2017

Molière, or The cabal of hypocrites and Don Quixote : two plays (Bulgakov, Mikhail, 1891-1940, author.) Frost Library; PG3476.B78 A2 2017

Nikolai Evreinov & others : "The storming of the Winter Palace" Frost Library; PG3476.E95 Z764 2016

Nabokov's women : the silent sisterhood of textual nomads Frost Library; PG3476.N3 Z7935 2017

The life of a bishop's assistant (Shklovskiĭ, Viktor, 1893-1984, author.) Frost Library; PG3476.S488 Z31513 2017

Stalker Frost Library; PG3476.S78835 P59

The state counsellor : a Fandorin mystery (Akunin, B. (Boris) author.) Frost Library; PG3478.K78 S713 2017

Kholin 66 : diaries and poems (Kholin, Igorʹ, author.) Frost Library; PG3482.6.H4344 K46 2017

March 1917 : the Red Wheel, node III (8 March-31 March), book 1 (Solzhenit͡syn, Aleksandr Isaevich, 1918-2008, author.) Frost Library; PG3488.O4 K67613 2017

Solzhenitsyn : the historical-spiritual destinies of Russia and the West (Congdon, Lee, 1939-, author.) Frost Library; PG3488.O4 Z6225 2017

The hideout (Hostovský, Egon, 1908-1973, author.) Frost Library; PG5038.H67 U413 2017

Angel station (Topol, Jáchym, 1962-, author.) Frost Library; PG5039.3.O648 A8513 2017