Russian Research Guide

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Start with these recommended resources in this discipline.

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Use these encyclopedias and reference works to get started on a topic.
  • Cambridge Companions
    Surveys of authors, literary history, culture, and philosophy, all written by scholars. Relevant titles include: The Cambridge Companion to Modern Russian Culture, The Cambridge Companion to Chekhov, The Cambridge Companion to Dostoevskii
  • Cambridge Histories
    Provides political, economic and social history, philosophy and literature of selected countries and subjects. Relevant titles include: The Cambridge History of Russia
  • Oxford Dictionaries
    English to non-English translations (and vice versa), phrases, some grammar, and more.
Check out these resources first (also see the Primary Sources research guide).
  • Stalin Digital Archive
    Primary source materials from Stalin's personal papers and monographs on communism. Includes Russian State Archive of Social and Political History documents and the Annals of Communism series.
  • Eastern European and Slavic Studies Collection
    Primary and secondary materials relating to the study of this region including its history, literature, language, political science and more, via University of Wisconsin-Madison Libraries. Collections of note include Russian political and satirical journals, and the Pushkin Collection.
Start with these recommended freely available resources in this discipline.

Seeing Muscovy anew : politics, institutions, culture : essays in honor of Nancy Shields Kollmann Frost Library; DK100 .S38 2017

The cavalry maiden : journals of a Russian officer in the Napoleonic Wars (Durova, N. A. (Nadezhda Andreevna), 1783-1866.) Frost Library; DK190.6.D8 A3 1988

The race to save the Romanovs (Rappaport, Helen, author.) Frost Library; DK258.6 .R373 2018

An anti-Bolshevik alternative : the White movement and the Civil War in the Russian north (Novikova, Li︠u︡dmila (Li︠u︡dmila Gennadʹevna) author.) Frost Library; DK265.8.A7 N68413 2018

Building Stalinism : the Moscow Canal and the creation of Soviet space (Ruder, Cynthia Ann, 1956-, author.) Frost Library; DK267 .R834 2018

Mass political culture under Stalinism : popular discussion of the Soviet Constitution of 1936 (Velikanova, Olga, 1954-, author.) Frost Library; DK268.4 .V45 2018

Sobranie sochineniĭ (Gorbachev, Mikhail Sergeevich, 1931- author. Горбачев, Михаил Сергеевич, 1931) Frost Library; DK290.3.G67 A2 2008

Crises in the post-Soviet space Frost Library; DK295 .C75 2018

Russia's domestic security wars : Putin's use of divide and rule against his hardline allies (Reddaway, Peter, author.) Frost Library; DK295 .R43 2018

Russia's Muslim heartlands : Islam in the Putin era (Rubin, Dominic, 1972-, author.) Frost Library; DK34.M8 R73 2018

From citizens to subjects : city, state, & the enlightenment in Poland, Ukraine, and Belarus (Murphy, Curtis G., author.) Frost Library; DK4140 .M87 2018

The plunder : the 1898 anti-Jewish violence in Habsburg Galicia (Unowsky, Daniel L., 1966-, author.) Frost Library; DK4600.G3475 U56 2018

The West's East : contemporary Baltic defense in strategic perspective (Milevski, Lukas, author.) Frost Library; DK502.715 .M55 2018

War, revolution, and nation-making in Lithuania, 1914-1923 (Balkelis, Tomas, author.) Frost Library; DK505.53 .B35 2018

Historical dictionary of Belarus (Ioffe, G. V. (Grigoriĭ Viktorovich) author.) Frost Library; DK507.37 .S55 2018

Ukraine : a nation on the borderland (Schlögel, Karl, author.) Frost Library; DK508.848 .S5213 2018

Parliamentary elections in Russia : a quarter-century of multiparty politics (Hutcheson, Derek S. (Derek Stanford), 1977-, author.) Frost Library; DK510.763 .H87 2018

Fortress Russia : conspiracy theories in post-Soviet Russia (Yablokov, Ilya, author.) Frost Library; DK510.763 .Y33 2018

Boris Nemtsov and Russian politics : power and resistance Frost Library; DK510.766.N46 B67 2018

Inside the mind of Vladimir Putin (Eltchaninoff, Michel, author.) Frost Library; DK510.766.P87 E4813 2018

The code of Putinism (Taylor, Brian D., 1964-, author.) Frost Library; DK510.766.P87 T39 2018

From conquest to deportation : the North Caucasus under Russian rule (Perović, Jeronim, author.) Frost Library; DK511.C2 P47 2018

Contemporary Russo-Turkish relations : from crisis to cooperation Frost Library; DK68.7.T9 C66 2018

Stalin's nomads : power and famine in Kazakhstan (Kindler, Robert, 1978- author.) Frost Library; DK908.8618 .K5613 2018

Historical dictionary of Tajikistan (Abdullaev, K. N. (Kamolidin Nadzhmidinovich) author.) Frost Library; DK922.14 .A23 2018

Laboratory of socialist development : Cold War politics and decolonization in Soviet Tajikistan (Kalinovsky, Artemy M., author.) Frost Library; DK928.86 .K35 2018

Bosnian, Croatian, Serbian, a textbook : with exercises and basic grammar (Alexander, Ronelle.) Frost Library; PG1229 .A444 2010

Oxford Russian dictionary Frost Library; PG2640 .W5 2007

The portrayal of Jews in modern Biełarusian literature (Gimpelevich, Zina J., 1949-, author.) Frost Library; PG2834.335 .G56 2018

A history of Russian literature (Kahn, Andrew, author.) Frost Library; PG2951 .K34 2018

In search of the true Russia : the provinces in contemporary nationalist discourse (Parts, Lyudmila, author.) Frost Library; PG2987.N27 P37 2018

The image of Christ in Russian literature : Dostoevsky, Tolstoy, Bulgakov, Pasternak (Givens, John, 1962-, author.) Frost Library; PG2990.J47 G58 2018

Poets of hope and despair : the Russian symbolists in war and revolution, 1914-1918 (Hellman, Ben, 1949-, author.) Frost Library; PG3065.S8 H45 2018

Three metaphors for life : Derzhavin's late poetry (Smoli͡arova, Tatʹi͡ana, author, translator.) Frost Library; PG3312.Z5 S6613 2018

Fearless Ivan and his faithful horse Double-Hump : a Russian folk tale (Ershov, P. P. (Petr Pavlovich), 1815-1869, author.) Frost Library; PG3330.E7 K613 2018

Maskarad Frost Library; PG3337.L4 M338 2007

Petersburg (Bely, Andrey, 1880-1934, author.) Frost Library; PG3453.B84 P513 2018

The cherry orchard (Chekhov, Anton Pavlovich, 1860-1904, author.) Frost Library; PG3456 .V513 2018

Daytime stars : a poet's memoir of the revolution, the siege of Leningrad, and the thaw (Berggolʹt︠s︡, Olʹga, 1910-1975, author.) Frost Library; PG3476.B45 D613 2018

Vasily Grossman : a writer's freedom Frost Library; PG3476.G7 Z36 2018

That third guy : a comedy from the Stalinist 1930s with essays on theater (Krzhizhanovskiĭ, Sigizmund, 1887-1950, author.) Frost Library; PG3476.K782 A6 2018

Vladimir Ilyich Lenin (Mayakovsky, Vladimir, 1893-1930, author.) Frost Library; PG3476.M3 V5513 2017

Journey to Armenia & Conversation about Dante (Mandelʹshtam, Osip, 1891-1938, author.) Frost Library; PG3476.M355 Z4613 2018

Pesnʹ o zhizni : povestʹ (Mati͡ushina, Olʹga.) Frost Library; PG3476.M37354 P47 1970

Vladimir Nabokov in context Frost Library; PG3476.N3 Z935 2018

Andrey Platonov : the forgotton dream of the revolution (Lane, Tora, author.) Frost Library; PG3476.P543 Z739 2018

Sentimental tales (Zoshchenko, Mikhail, 1895-1958, author.) Frost Library; PG3476.Z7 A2 2018

The aviator (Vodolazkin, E. G., author.) Frost Library; PG3493.76.D65 A9513 2018

The Anna Karenina fix : life lessons from Russian literature (Groskop, Viv, author.) Frost Library; PG7158.G77 A3 2017