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Spanish Research Guide

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    Spain : the centre of the world, 1519-1682 (Goodwin, Robert, 1969-) Frost Library; DP171 .G67 2015

    The patrol is ended (De Wet, Oloff.) Archives and Special Collections; DP269 .D4 1938a

    Hitler's Shadow Empire : Nazi economics and the Spanish Civil War (Barbieri, Pierpaolo.) Frost Library; DP269.8.E2 B37 2015

    The Spanish War (Hemingway, Ernest, 1899-1961.) Archives and Special Collections; DP269.9 .H38 1938

    Let my people know ; the story of Wilfred Mendelson, "Mendy," August 17, 1915-July 28, 1938 (Leeds, Joseph.) Archives and Special Collections; DP269.9 .M425 1942

    The great crusade (Regler, Gustav, 1898-1963.) Archives and Special Collections; DP269.9 .R3613 1940

    The Canary Islands : a cultural history (Stone, Peter, 1940-, author.) Frost Library; DP302.C4 S76 2014

    Disdain, distrust and dissolution : the surge of support for independence in Catalonia (Bel i Queralt, Germa.) Frost Library; DP302.C68 B34813 2015

    Race, caste, and indigeneity in medieval Spanish travel literature (Harney, Michael, 1948-, author.) Frost Library; PQ6134.T73 H37 2015

    Madrid, Nebraska : EE.UU. en el cuento Español del siglo XXI Frost Library; PQ6257 .M33 2014

    Cervantes' Don Quixote (González Echevarría, Roberto, author.) Frost Library; PQ6352 .G65 2015

    Quixote : the novel and the world (Stavans, Ilan.) Frost Library; PQ6352 .S73 2015

    Journeys of a mystic soul in poetry and prose (Cecilia del Nacimiento, Madre, 1570-1647.) Frost Library; PQ6365.C17 A23 2012

    Tristana (Pérez Galdós, Benito, 1843-1920.) Frost Library; PQ6555 .T813 2014

    La obra novelística de Juan Marsé : trayectoria y mundo narrativo (Mohamed Mahmoud Ahmed Khalil, Salwa.) Frost Library; PQ6623.A745 O37 2013

    Demonios familiares (Matute, Ana María, 1925-2014.) Frost Library; PQ6623.A89 D46 2014

    Palais de Justice (Valente, José Angel.) Frost Library; PQ6641.A365 P35 2014

    La espada y la palabra : vida de Valle-Inclán (Alberca Serrano, Manuel, author.) Frost Library; PQ6641.A47 Z5193 2015

    Prohibido entrar sin pantalones (Bonilla, Juan, author.) Frost Library; PQ6652.O56 P76 2014

    La casa de mi padre (García Sánchez, Javier, 1955- author.) Frost Library; PQ6657.A723 C37 2014

    El comité de la noche (Gopegui, Belén, 1963-, author.) Frost Library; PQ6657.O65 C65 2014

    El balcón en invierno (Landero, Luis, 1948-) Frost Library; PQ6662.A616 B34 2014

    Hamelin ; La tortuga de Darwin (Mayorga, Juan, author.) Frost Library; PQ6663.A985 A6 2015

    El invitado amargo (Molina-Foix, Vicente, 1946-, author.) Frost Library; PQ6663.O374 I58 2014

    Ocho cuentos de azufre (Pombo, Álvaro, author.) Frost Library; PQ6666.O643 A6 2014

    Y el cielo era una bestia (Juan-Cantavella, Robert, 1976- author.) Frost Library; PQ6710.U37 Y45 2014

    Breathing underwater : selected poems (Valdivia, Pablo, author.) Frost Library; PQ6722.A431 A2 2014

    Alcohol and nationhood in nineteenth-century Mexico (Toner, Deborah, author.) Frost Library; PQ7111 .T66 2015

    The underdogs ; a new translation, contexts, criticism (Azuela, Mariano, 1873-1952, author.) Frost Library; PQ7297.A9 L613 2015

    Al calor de la amistad : correspondencia 1950-1984 (Paz, Octavio, 1914-1998, author.) Frost Library; PQ7297.P285 Z48 2014

    Jacobo reloaded (Bellatin, Mario, 1960-, author.) Frost Library; PQ7298.12.E4 J35 2014

    Obra reunida (Bellatin, Mario, 1960-, author.) Frost Library; PQ7298.12.E4 O27 2013

    Faustina (González Suárez, Mario, 1964-, author.) Frost Library; PQ7298.17.O524 F38 2013

    París desaparece (Manjarrez, Héctor, 1945-, author.) Frost Library; PQ7298.23.A55 P29 2014

    La sangre de Medusa, y otros cuentos marginales (Pacheco, José Emilio, author.) Frost Library; PQ7298.26.A25 S22 2014

    La mujer del novelista (Urroz Kanan, Eloy, 1967-) Frost Library; PQ7298.31.R73 M85 2014

    Después del invierno (Nettel, Guadalupe, 1973-, author.) Frost Library; PQ7298.424.E76 D47 2014

    Milena o el fémur más bello del mundo (Zepeda Patterson, Jorge, author.) Frost Library; PQ7298.436.E65 M55 2014

    Todos se van (Guerra, Wendy, 1970-, author.) Frost Library; PQ7390.G773 T63 2014

    Una huella destartalada (Kozer, José, author.) Frost Library; PQ7390.K68 Z46 2014

    El Caribe en la encrucijada : la narración puertorriqueña (Caballero Wangüemert, María M. (María del Milagro)) Frost Library; PQ7432 .C33 2014

    1986 : cuentos completos (Rey Rosa, Rodrigo, 1958-) Frost Library; PQ7499.2.R38 A6 2014

    Creativity and science in contemporary Argentine literature : between Romanticism and Formalism (Page, Joanna, 1974-, author.) Frost Library; PQ7655 .P34 2014

    Off! : novísima dramaturgia argentina Frost Library; PQ7769.2 .O44 2013

    Obra completa (Bioy Casares, Adolfo, author.) Frost Library; PQ7797.B535 2012

    The musical brain & other stories (Aira, César, 1949-, author.) Frost Library; PQ7798.1.I7 A2 2014

    The adventure of the busts of Eva Peron (Gamerro, Carlos, 1962-, author.) Frost Library; PQ7798.17.A4896 A8413 2015

    Alturas de Macchu Picchu = The heights of Macchu Picchu (Neruda, Pablo, 1904-1973, author.) Frost Library; PQ8097.N4 A7513 2015

    El infinito olvido en la poética nerudiana del amor (Quintana Tejera, Luis María, 1947-, author.) Frost Library; PQ8097.N4 V427 2014

    Roberto Bolano, a less distant star : critical essays Frost Library; PQ8098.12.O38 Z79 2015

    Archivo Bolaño = Bolaño archive : 1977-2003 Frost Library; PQ8098.12.O38 Z89 2013

    El vendedor de pájaros (Rivera Letelier, Hernán, 1950-, author.) Frost Library; PQ8098.28.I936 V46 2014

    Gabo no contado (Arizmendi, Darío, author, interviewer.) Frost Library; PQ8180.17.A73 Z569 2014

    La pena máxima (Roncagliolo, Santiago, author.) Frost Library; PQ8498.28.O4187 P46 2014

    By night the mountain burns (Avila Laurel, Juan-Tomás, author.) Frost Library; PQ8619.A85 A7313 2014