Notes on English Versions of the Bible

  • Versions/translations are constantly amended even from edition to edition or printing to printing. Thus, the KJV 1611 will not look like the KJV published in the US in 1997. The later editions, however, use the same translation, but make adjustments. A new translation or, in some cases, a new version that follows the tradition of an earlier translation (e.g. NKJV or NRSV), is indicated by having its own row.
  • Dates in parentheses are when a version/translation was first published (or earliest date?). Dates outside parentheses are copyright date of the edition listed under “Title of the Book.”
  • Subject headings usually follow this format: Bible. English. [version]. [date]. So, “Bible. English. Authorized.” will get all the KJV versions. Call numbers are also an indication of a version. For example, BS 185. is the authorized version (KJV). BS 195 is the NKJV.
  • Bolded titles are some of the most used versions today. Also see this nice overview of some of the most commonly used versions for academic study.

Current Use Translations

Abr. Version Title of Book Date Notes/Audience Call No.
KJV or AV King James Version or Authorized Version The Holy Bible (1611) 1890 English Protestant BS185 .1890 N4
KJV or AV King James Version or Authorized Version The Holy Bible The Bible: The Authorized King James Version (1611) 1997 English Protestant BS185 .1997 O94 1997
NKJV New King James Version Holy Bible containing the Old and New Testaments: New King James Version (1982) 1983 evangelical Protestant BS195. N38 1983b

BS125 .E88 2004 REF
ASV American Revised or American Standard Version Holy Bible, containing the Old and New Testaments. Newly edited by the American revision committee (1901) 1929 mainstream American Protestant religions; trans. based on the KJV and English Revised Edition 220.5 B47 Eame
NASB New American Standard Bible New American Standard Bible (1971) 1977 Lockman Foundation produced for some American mainstream and fundamentalist religions BS195. N35 1977b
RSV Revised Standard Version The Holy Bible: revised standard version. (1952) 1952 mainstream Protestant religions, Roman Catholic and Orthodox Catholic religions BS191.A1 1962 .N4 REF
NRSV New Revised Standard Version The Holy Bible. New Revised Standard Version. (1990) 2003 updated version of RSV intended for liturgy BS191.5.A1 1989 N43 REF
KJV and RSV   Interpreter's Bible (1951-1957) 12 volume set with both the KJV and RSV with extensive study articles and notes BS491.2 I55
NEB New English Bible New English Bible (1970) 1970 3 vols. for original pub. British Protestant, British Bible Society BS192.A1 1970 .N4
NEB   Oxford Study Bible (1992) 1992 1 vol. same as above BS192.16.A1 1992 .N48
REB Revised English Bible The revised English Bible (1989) 1989 British Protestant BS195.R4 1989
JB Jerusalem Bible The Jerusalem Bible (1966) 1966 Roman Catholic; trans. from French ed.; based on original texts. BS195 .J4 1966
NJB New Jerusalem Bible The New Jerusalem Bible (1985) 1999 Roman Catholic; based on original texts (not trans. from French) BS105. J4 1999
  Anchor Bible titles vary (1964-pres.) 1964 - 40+ vols; each book of the Bible translated by a different Protestant, Jewish or Catholic scholar; includes extensive commentary and articles; need to search by separate book title BS192.2.A1 (series)
NAB New American Bible New American Bible (1970) 1970 American Roman Catholic; based on original texts; liturgical BS196.A1 1970 .E5
NIV New International Version The NIV study Bible (1985) 1985 NY Bible Society; American evangelicals, more conservative; based on original texts BS195 .N37 1985
TEV Today's English Version (Good News Bible) Good News Bible (1976) 1987 American Bible Society, uses vernacular (late 20th C.) English, American Protestant and Roman Catholic approved. BS195. T3 1987
  New Revised Standard Version & New Int'l Version New Interpreter's Bible (1994-1998) 12 vols. Includes text of 2 versions and extensive commentary on the text. BS491 .2 N484 REF
  New Jewish Version [Tanakh] = JPS Hebrew-English Tanakh : the traditional Hebrew text and the new JPS translation. (1964-1982) 1999 Jewish Publication Society; translation of the OT from the Hebrew text. BS895. J4 1999
  Fox The Schocken Bible (1995-pres.) 1995-present multiple volumes; trans. from Hebrew text by Everett Fox; vol 1 published with more forthcoming; extensive notes and commentary BS1223. A3 F68



Abr. Version Title of Book Date Notes/Audience Call No.
    The Old Testament pseudepigrapha (1983-1985) 1983-1985 2 vols. Ed. by James Charlesworth; based on original texts; some translated for 1st time BS1830 .A3 1983
KJV Authorized The Apocrypha according to the authorized version (1953) 1953 Apocryphal books originally printed in Authorized version 229 Ap42 Pf
RSV Revised Standard Version The Apocrypha of the Old Testament. Revised Standard Version. (1957) 1965   BS1692 1965
    New Testament Apocrypha (1991-1992) 1991-1992 2 vols. English translation of Neutestamentliche Apokryphen ed. Wilhelm Schneemelcher BS2832. S3 1991
    The Apocryphal New Testament: a collection of apocryphal Christian literature in an English translation (1993) 1993 Rev. and newly translated ed. of Apocryphal New Testament, trans by Montague Rhodes James, 1924. BS2832 .A2 1993



Abr. Version Title of Book Date Notes/Audience Call No.
  Geneva The Geneva Bible, a facsimile of the 1560 edition (1560) 1969   BS170 1560a
  Parker or Bishops' Bible The. holie. Bible. (1568) 1568 popular Bible used in homes in England Early English Books Online
  Douai-Rheims The Holy Bible faithfully translated into English out of the authentical Latin (O.T. 1582; N.T. 1610) 1635 Roman Catholic translation of the Latin Vulgate; original translations by William Allen and Gregory Martin Early English Books Online
  Douai-Rheims The Holy Bible: translated from the Latin Vulgate (1763-1764) 1882 Bishop Richard Challoner's revision of Allen and Martin translation; used in RC churches until mid-20th Century BS180 1882