Chinese Language Learning

You can use this guide for additional Chinese language learning resources to supplement your classes.


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  • Dictionaries
  • Further Reading Materials
  • Podcasts
  • Blogs
Find extensive dictionaries in print and online for your Chinese study.
  • Macmillan-FLTRP Chinese Character Dictionary
    Over 3,000 of the most frequently-used Chinese characters, including common words and expressions from the HSK proficiency test. Includes CD-ROM with flashcards, stroke order animations, and pronunciation audio.
  • The Oxford Chinese dictionary : English-Chinese, Chinese-English
    Over 300,000 words and phrases and tens of thousands of example phrases illustrating key points of usage. Chinese-English section of the dictionary organized alphabetically by Pinyin -- there is also a radical index that allows you to look up a character without knowing its Pinyin form.
  • ABC English-Chinese Chinese-English dictionary
    Student-oriented concise bilingual dictionary that organizes Chinese words by their Pinyin pronunciation, for easy access.
  • LINE Dictionary Chinese-English
    Free online Chinese-English dictionary, can either draw characters to look them up, or type pinyin. Many usage examples provided.
  • MDBG English-Chinese/Chinese-English Dictionary
    Free online Chinese-English/English-Chinese dictionary in both simplified and traditional characters.
    Free online Chinese-English/English-Chinese dictionary in both simplified and traditional characters, with a focus on character construction.
Look here for some beginner to advanced Chinese reading material in print at Amherst. Intermediate requires generally 2+ years of study; advanced requires 3+ years.

You can search for additional Chinese language learning materials in the Five Colleges by using these subject terms in the catalog:

Chinese language -- Readers
Chinese language -- Study and teaching
Listen to online audio lessons and segments, featuring authentic Chinese and often discussing current events
  • Popup Chinese
    Language-learning podcasts structured from beginner to advanced, including real-world commercials and music videos. Also includes an annotated news section from current headlines, and short stories.
  • Slow Chinese
    Cultural podcast for Chinese learners, with personal narratives read at a slow pace.
  • ChinesePod
    Series of audio lessons at a variety of levels with review activities, for a subscription fee.
Start here to explore some blogs focused on learning Chinese and discussing current cultural issues.
  • Translation in Chinese
    Short blog posts on popular phrases in Chinese
  • Hacking Chinese
    Blog focused on highlighting the best ways to learn Chinese, with tips and guides for all levels.
  • FluentU
    Language and culture blog offering tips on learning techniques and current slang.
  • The World of Chinese
    Bi-monthly magazine and web portal devoted to Chinese culture and language.