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Government documents

The Amherst College Library has been a federal depository for United States government publications since 1884. We select about 31% of all available titles. In exchange for receiving this material free from the Government Printing Office, we agree to make it freely available to all patrons, as well as to organize and maintain it. This is a large, complex and historically rich collection. Many of the titles (such as United States Congressional hearings) are not individually cataloged. Please contact Reference with questions.

The collection is particularly strong in the following areas: Arms Control and Disarmament, National Archives, Commerce Department (in particular the Census  -- including a historic collection of bound volumes with data not online), Civil Rights Commission, Interior Department, Labor Department, and National Science Foundation. The Library also has primary legal sources such as the U.S. Code, the Supreme Court Reports, Presidential documents and Congressional publications.

The Government Printing Office is transitioning to digital only, with only some core documents currently produced in paper. Some high use government documents are available through GPO Access, many others are through agency websites. The Library has numerous government CD-ROMS including data from the 1990 Census and the National Trade Database.

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