explanation of the BEAM method for integrating sources


screenshot of Discover databases limiter, with All Providers, PsycINFO, and other databases listed as checkboxes

advanced search homepage.JPG

screenshot of library homepage, with advanced search link in "what am I searching?" text highlighted


screenshot of Discover source types limiter, with Academic Journals, Books, Magazines, and other checkboxes


screenshot of Discover left-hand limiter, with Full Text Digital, Scholarly Peer Reviewed, and Five Colleges Catalog checkboxes

multiple search boxes.JPG

screenshot of Discover search with multiple search boxes stacked on each other

Cited References.JPG

Screenshot of the header of PsycINFO, with the link Cited References circled

keyword citation search.JPG

A screenshot of PsycINFO with additional keyword email

author date search.JPG

A screenshot of a PsycINFO search with keyword Kruger, field Author, AND connector, keyword 2005, field date of publication