On November 12, 2014, Digital Programs hosted a workshop on personal digital archiving. While the workshop focused on file management and organization for students, there is much more to be said for personal digital archiving in our increasingly digital world. Below, we’ve listed a few online resources that offer further information on topics such as file management and organization practices, factors to consider when selecting your files for archiving, digital media preservation, and much more. Please also feel free to contact us if you have any additional questions.

1. Digital preservation (Library of Congress)

The Library of Congress’s website on digital preservation provides comprehensive lists and descriptions on a variety of topics within personal digital archiving.

2. Organize, safeguard, update: managing your digital research files (Cornell University Library)

Cornell’s guide offers a variety of strategies for creating your personal digital archive.

3. Personal digital archiving (MIT Digital Archives Blog)

This blog entry from MIT links out to other useful online resources on personal digital archiving.

4. Guidelines for creators of personal archives (Paradigm)

This multi-institution appendix provides detailed archiving instructions and defines a variety of terms related to digital media and digital file preservation.

5. Personal digital archiving (Columbia University Digital Humanities Center)

Along with some tips and conventions for creating your own personal digital archive, Columbia’s gives an overview of why digital media preservation will continue to be an important issue in our increasingly digital world.

Also check out our fabulous posters for the November 2014 personal digital archiving workshop: