How Well Do You Know Amherst College?

Amherst Words

Match the photo to the year it was taken!

Add Up the Numbers

We created a little puzzle to see how well you know your Amherst trivia. Follow the steps below. If you're stuck, you can find answers to all of these questions throughout the Amherst College website.

When you’re done, enter your answer in the box and either hit the TAB key or mouse-click off the box to reveal the answer.

What year did the Trustees vote (by a margin of 15 to 3) in favor of coeducation?

STEP 1: Take that number and add it to the following number:

The number of majors offered by the College

STEP 2: Now take that number and add it to the following:

The number of times Amherst graduates have won the Nobel Prize

STEP 3: You should now have a number that's close to the current year. Take that number and add it to the following:

States represented in Amherst’s current student body (x2)

You’re almost there! STEP 4: So now take your number and add it to:

The number of student-run a cappella groups on campus 

Now you should have your answer!

Enter it into the box below and then hit the TAB key on your keyboard or mouse-click off the box to see if you're correct. Note: DO NOT HIT ENTER, that will refresh the page.

Match these Scenes from Our Campus