First Floor, College Hall
(413) 542–2265

The Loeb Center for Career Exploration and Planning, located on the first floor of College Hall, is open Monday through Friday, from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Appointments may be made via their website.

The mission of the Center is to educate and to empower students to reflect, explore, experiment and take action to achieve their personal, professional and academic goals. The staff is committed to supporting students along their journeys of exploration by assisting them in identifying the direction best suited to their individual interests, skills and talents. Our Center believes that the career decision-making process emerges over time, shaped by one’s experiences, values and interests.

With this philosophy in mind, the Center offers comprehensive programs and operates as a one-stop, full-service resource. 

Career Advising

Whether a first-year student, sophomore, junior or senior, it is never too early—or too late—for a student to begin planning for the first job after college. Individual career advising appointments, skill development workshops and career exploration programs enable students to make informed decisions about internships during college years and about successfully transitioning from college into the world of work.

The Career Center’s professional team of advisors educates students about the myriad paths available beyond Amherst; helps students match their interests with potential careers; prepares students to compete effectively for internship and job opportunities; and facilitates student connections with employers, alumni and others that will, ultimately, enable them to achieve their aspirations. Peer Career Advisors are on hand to assist with résumés, cover letters and sharing of resources.

Graduate and Professional School

Most Amherst graduates eventually go on to graduate or professional school, with the majority taking one or more years before entry to gain experience or clarify personal and professional goals. The Career Center supports students and alumni who aspire to attend medical, law or other graduate schools in the following ways:

  • Providing information about various fields of interest and the roles that advanced degrees play in achievement within those fields
  • Helping students and alumni anticipate the steps to apply, including standardized tests
  • Advising students about necessary prerequisite courses or experiences as they prepare for attendance at a graduate or professional school 

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