Main Level, Keefe Campus Center 
(413) 542–5140

The Center for Community Engagement (CCE)'s mission is to ensure that students who graduate from Amherst are prepared to be effective, engaged citizens. It provides students with opportunities to engage the world in sustained, collaborative, reflective and meaningful ways that are a central element of their liberal arts education. With the support of the CCE, students at Amherst develop skills, innovate, intern, learn and grow through a range of signature programs. The CCE works locally, nationally and globally to create spaces for mutually beneficial relationships between faculty, students and community partners.  

The CCE offers a number of core programs, including Engagement Advisors, student leadership development, community partnerships, the Community Engagement Orientation Trip, internships and innovation. The CCE supports engagement initiatives across campus as well, most notably faculty scholarship, community-based learning courses and the Athletics department community engagement initiative.

The CCE is open from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. on weekdays. Please visit! All are welcome.

Sarah Barr is the director of the CCE. She works closely with the CCE staff to implement the CCE’s programs and long-term strategy of enriching the liberal arts education at Amherst College.

Zoë Jacobs is the assistant director of the CCE. She manages the Center’s budget and financial records, supervises the student office staff, provides vital administrative support to many of the Center’s programs and coordinates the Engagement Advisors.

Karen Miller is the associate director and director of leadership programs. She runs student development programs, including the Community Engagement Leader Program and the Community Engagement Orientation Trip. She works to ensure that students have the range of skills they need to engage effectively in communities in and around Amherst.