B-5 Converse Hall 
(413) 542–2296

Gail W. Holt, Dean of Financial Aid
Kathleen A. Gentile, Senior Associate Dean of Financial Aid

Michael P. Ellison, Associate Dean of Admission and Financial Aid

Jennifer M. Christian Wright, Assistant Dean of Financial Aid

Nancy A. Robinson, Student Employment Coordinator

Nancy A. Brownfield, Financial Aid Counselor
Leah M. Freeman, Financial Aid Assistant / Receptionist
Paola A. Gallego, Student Records Assistant

Students should consult the Office of Financial Aid on matters relating to:

  • scholarships, grants and student employment
  • federal and state financial programs
  • student and parent loans
  • veterans’ affairs
  • general questions concerning educational financial planning

The Financial Aid Office’s website provides comprehensive information about applying for aid. Students should refer to Notes Concerning Your Financial Aid Award for official policy on financial aid at the College.

Students seeking employment either on-campus or off-campus should review the Student Employment section of the website.

Students must reapply for financial aid annually by April 25. Any student may apply for student financial aid for the following academic year, regardless of whether he or she is currently receiving assistance. The Amherst Application for Renewal of Financial Aid should be completed and submitted online at amherst.edu/go/netpartner, using the ‘Apply On-Line’ tab. Students should review the online portal, Net Partner (amherst.edu/go/netpartner), for a complete listing and links to required renewal documents.  Renewal of financial aid is based on filing a complete application, including all required forms; continuing to show need for financial aid; and maintaining satisfactory academic progress toward your degree.  Students will receive email notifica­tion of their financial aid awards in June. 

College financial aid will not be considered for the current academic year after Feb. 12.