The Mead Art Museum Advisory Board is an advisory and advocacy body charged with reviewing acquisitions and loans, drafting and reviewing museum policies, and undertaking various efforts to further the museum's mission and realize its vision.


Candace Barasch ’89 and P’19
Riccardo Benedetti P’24
Nichole Bridges ’97
Kathy Chia ’88
Jackie Clements P’23
Grace Deveney ’09
Michael Elliott ’92, Amherst College President
Catherine Epstein, Amherst College Provost and Dean of the Faculty
Suzannah Fabing, Smith College Museum of Art Director Emerita
Rico Gatson
Miguel Gonzalez ’03
Loretta Howard ’83, Mead Advisory Board Vice Chair
Rev. Phil Jackson ’85, Amherst College Trustee
Brooke Kamin Rapaport ’84, Mead Advisory Board Chair Emerita
Younghee Kim-Wait ’82
Tara Kole ’98
Michael Kunichika, Amherst College Professor of Russian and Director of the Amherst Center for Russian Culture
Adrienne Lei ’05
Charmel Maynard ’07
Scott Niichel ’06, Mead Advisory Board Secretary
Kirsten Poler ’88, P’19
Joanne Schnell P’11
Paul Schnell ’76, P’11, Mead Advisory Board Chair
Siddhartha Shah, John Wieland 1958 Director of the Mead Art Museum