The front entrance of the Mead Art Museum

Below, please find links to download issues of the Mead Art Museum’s Annual Report, an institutional document capturing top-level views of the Mead’s activities in education, programming, collections, and exhibitions, as well as financial breakdowns and staff news. The reports also contain stories about how Amherst students, faculty, and staff have connected with the Mead to further their teaching and learning goals. The latest reports (2020-2022 and 2018-2020) were each published as multi-year reports covering two academic and fiscal years. The Mead deeply appreciates the generosity of the Friends of the Mead and the broader community in supporting our mission and work.

People in an art museum looking at art

Annual Report 2020–2022

“What this report will not entirely indicate are the many hours of work required to make it all happen, especially in the face of the challenges presented to the Museum over the past several years. I hope you will spend time with this publication, finding all the ways that the Mead is a wonderful and an essential part of the College and community.”

—Michael Kunichika, Interim Director (Director’s Welcome)

In addition to the usual suite of information on educational programming, acquisitions, and exhibitions, the Mead’s 2020-2022 Annual Report features in-depth looks at items such as the 4th annual student-led Black Art Matters festival, new explorations of 3-D modeling and printing, and The Living Room (Spring 2021) and Curating between the Virtual and the Physical: Liliana Porter (Fall 2021), two student-curated efforts tied to larger exhibitions.

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Three people in a museum wearing masks and standing next to works of art

Past Reports

Annual Report 2018–2020

“I am excited by recent innovations in programming that expand the Mead’s reach across Amherst’s community and curriculum. The Trinkett Clark Memorial Student Acquisitions program, the classroom built in 2017 that offers specific selections for close study by classes with a bonus panoramic view of art storage, dynamic engagement with contemporary art and artists, and new efforts toward increasing diversity and accessibility across all areas of the Mead’s work make this an exciting time to be a part of the Mead.”

—Nichole Bridges ’97, Advisory Board Member (Introduction)

To download this report, which covers academic years 2018-2019 and 2019-2020, please click below.