Conditions for Electronic Reproduction License is defined as display of images and words on a screen or monitor from machine-readable media such as CD-ROM, DVD and other disk formats, DAT tape and videotape. Electronic reproduction can be used in the following applications:

  • Local Area Networks (LAN) or stand-alone systems including kiosks
  • Wide Area Networks (WAN) including the internet
  • Television, Broadcast and Cable
  • Portable Disks and Tapes

Your acceptance of our contract and invoice indicates your agreement with all these conditions. Any breach will automatically result, at sole discretion of the Mead Art Museum, in revocation of the license to reproduce.

  1. All images must be made from photographic/digital materials supplied by the Mead Art Museum. Images may not be reproduced larger than 640X480 pixels without permission.
  2. All images must display in close proximity the following documentation: artist, title, medium and size, accession number, and copyright notification. FILM or VIDEO may list documentation in end credits. If such placement proves to be impractical, alternate placement such as an index or a list of credit may be approved on a case-by-case basis.
  3. The license is granted for one time, non-exclusive use in one medium and one product. Licenses will be granted for terms of the following duration:
    1. LAN- 3 years
    2. WAN- 1 year
    3. TV/Broadcast/Cable-5 years
    4. Portable Disks/Tapes- Lifespan of edition
  4. Revised editions or subsequent versions of an application where changes constitute more than 10% of the original require renewal of the license with additional fees to be paid at the then current rates.
  5. Derivative products and applications require an additional license.
  6. Any color manipulation, alteration, cropping or addition to the image is prohibited and will automatically render the license VOID. Overprinting on an image is STRICTLY PROHIBITED.
  7. Reproduction of a detail requires our prior approval and the word "detail" must appear in the caption or in close proximity to the image.
  8. We require a proof of all applications of our images. In the case of LAN you can send us a screen print. For WAN you can send a screen print or notify us of the location of your WWW URL. For broadcast, notification of the time and date of your transmission must be given, whenever possible. CD ROMS and Video tapes (complete programming) can be submitted to us by postal mail. We will notify you of any corrections to be made to the image or accompanying documentation.
  9. The Mead Art Museum does not give exclusive rights to any publisher and makes no warranties or representations and assumes no responsibility whatsoever for any claims against applicant or The Mead Art Museum by an artist, his agent, estate or any other party in connection with the reproduction of works of art in the collections of the Mead Art Museum. Additionally, the applicant agrees to indemnify the Mead Art Museum and hold it harmless against any and all such claims, including copyright infringement claims, royalty or fee demands and or actions, including the costs thereof arising as a result of the applicant’s reproduction of the works of art in the collections of the Mead Art Museum.
  10. The Mead Art Museum will attempt to provide accurate and up-to-date information regarding the copyright status of the specific work requested. However, it is the responsibility of the Publisher to directly contact the copyright owner. Reproductions of all copyrighted works must bear the copyright notice as prescribed by the Copyright Act of 1976 of the United States.
  11. The artists for works created after January 1, 1978 may retain copyright ownership and/or reproduction rights. The publisher or agent requesting reproduction permission must adhere to any and all royalty payments or other requirements specified by the copyright owner of such a work.
  12. The Mead Art Museum reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to deny license to reproduce to any applicant without explanation.