The Mead Art Museum grants permission to reproduce only from materials it supplies in response to a written request received by mail, fax, or email. Permission to reproduce and the fee(s) payable cover only the specific occasion and use described in the application (non-exclusive, one-time use, in one language, for one edition, unless specified otherwise). For any and all additional use of image(s) from the Mead's collection, the applicant must reapply in writing for permission.

  1. No Cropping. The painted area of a picture, the outline of a sculpture, and the area within the white border of a photograph of a graphic work including inscriptions may not be cut down or masked out.
  2. No Bleeding. Reproductions may not run off the edge of the paper or print support.
  3. No Overprinting. Reproductions may not be superimposed on typed matter, defaced or altered in any way.
  4. Details. Application to produce a detail from a work of art will be considered only upon receipt of a marked-up photograph or photocopy showing the exact area to be used. The word "detail" must appear in the caption with the complete credit line. Usually, the application for reproduction of a detail will be approved if the work is shown in its entirety elsewhere in the publication.
  5. Ink and Paper Requirements. Reproductions must be full-tone black-and-white or full color on white or off-white paper stock. Colored stock may not be used.
  6. Credit Lines. The full credit line as stated on the reproduction permission form must appear in immediate proximity to the reproduction or in the section within the publication devoted to acknowledgment. Abbreviations are not permitted.
  7. Color Transparencies (CTs). CTs remain the property of the Mead Art Museum and are not sold outright. A CT may be rented for either a 3-month or 6-month period, specified on the contract. A late fee of $25.00 will be charged for each month that the CT is overdue. A replacement fee of $150.00 will be charged for each CT lost or damaged (as determined by Mead Art Museum staff). When renting a CT, the applicant is responsible for all applicable fees whether or not the CT is reproduced.
  8. Color Proofs. Color proofs must be submitted to and approved by the Mead Art Museum before printing may proceed; failure to comply with the color corrections indicated by the Mead staff may result in withdrawal of approval.
  9. Color Slides. 35mm color slides may not be used for reproductions; special cases of video production will be considered.
  10. No Duplication. Applicants may not duplicate in any way photographic material supplied by the Mead.
  11. Payment. Permission to reproduce depends on the full payment of assigned fees, due upon the Mead's receipt of duplicate contracts. Foreign payments must be made in U.S. dollars. Upon payment, one copy of the countersigned reproduction permission contract will be returned to the applicant with the requested materials.
  12. Copyright. The Mead Art Museum makes no warranties or representations and assumes no responsibility whatsoever for any claims against applicant or the Mead Art Museum by the artists, agents, estates, or by any parties in connection with the reproduction of works of art in the collections of the Mead Art Museum. The applicant agrees to indemnify the Mead Art Museum and hold it harmless against any and all such claims, including copyright infringement claims, royalty or fee demands and/or actions, including the costs thereof, arising as a result of the applicant's reproduction of the works of art in the Mead Art Museum.

Copyright ownership and reproduction rights may be retained by the artist in accordance with U.S. copyright Law.