Ongoing Events

Image of the head, neck, shoulders and raised left hand of a human figure with a colorful floral headdress and a black strap across his mouth

Ongoing Exhibition: "Tom Friedman: Untitled (Foundation)"

This special exhibition unveils new works by renowned conceptual artist Tom Friedman, and marks the first time Friedman has drawn artistic inspiration directly from a museum collection. The works on view correspond to existing works in the Mead’s permanent collection, and represent a contemporary dialogue with art from the past in ways that introduce subtexts, narratives and new ways of thinking about the Mead’s art collection. 

Japanese print featuring six ornately dressed human figures in front of green hills and trees

Ongoing Exhibition: "Unimaginable by One Mind Alone: Exquisite Corpses from the William Green Collection of Japanese Prints"

For this exhibition, the Mead Art Museum commissioned contemporary artists to finish uncompleted works from the Mead's Japanese print collection in the spirit of the Exquisite Corpse. Each participant was allowed to select designs from the Mead’s holdings and extend them into full compositions. They were given complete freedom to create anything they could imagine...