20 January – 16 April 2006
Fairchild Gallery

Since the late 1960s, Duane Michals influential photographs have depicted staged events and celebrity portraits, as well as literary, autobiographical, philosophical, and erotic themes with wit and emotional honesty. In this exhibition, Michals' images offer meditations on themes of love, death, family, and nature. He explores the resonance between single and sequential images as well as the interplay of the visual and the verbal through the use of superimposed texts. Michals' photographs evoke the dream world and idealism of children as well as adult pragmatism, reality, memory, and loss. Excerpts from his recent projects will include: Salute, Walt Whitman, Nature of Desire, Now Becoming Then, Questions Without Answers, Eros and Thanatos, and a new work, Ukiyo-e: Pictures from the Floating World. Co-sponsored by the Department of Fine Arts. Exhibition support provided in part by the Richard Templeton (Class of 1931) Fund.


Artist Lecture and Opening Reception
Thursday, 16 February, 4:30 p.m.
Stirn Auditorium