Isosteeple: An Installation in Stearns Steeple

March 30-April 4, 2013


* Sound design / composition by Stephanie Robinson (also known as sroM: or

* Video projections and programming by Mark Santolucito

* Special thanks to Aaron Hayden for performing the carillon during the field recording process

Stephanie Robinson

is an immersive and interactive sound environment created for the courtyard space outside of Stearns Steeple. For its sound elements, Isosteeple features highly processed samples of the carillon located inside of the steeple.  The long history of the carillon as a musical instrument was part of the inspiration for this installation project; compositional elements are based on the medieval and Renaissance technique of “isorhythm,” a method by which composers utilized simultaneous (yet separate) multi-length sequences of both pitch and rhythm as the structuring element behind musical works. 

Participants in this installation will experience isorhythm in multiple guises - one level as an ambient environment, but also on a second level as an interactive environment in which participants can “play” the steeple by triggering portions of an isorhythmic series (sampled from the carillon) with bodily motion.  The installation also features a visual element of projection within the steeple itself, also derived from the isorhythmic technique of the sound materials.

This installation is in conjunction with Art in the Place of Art with support from Amherst’s Copeland Colloquium.

Click here to listen to a sound recording from the installation.