Peter Milton's Tracking Shot

On view May 3–July 13, 2014

Peter Milton's Tracking Shot

This focused exhibition features a recently acquired “born digital” artwork in the museum’s collection: Peter Milton’s Sight Lines I: Tracking Shot (2008), the Mead’s 2014 student-selected acquisition made in memory of Trinkett Clark, the museum’s former curator of American art. The exhibition is curated by Robert Croll ’16, Sylvia Ngo ’14, Rosemary Frehe ’17, and Elise Kei-Rahn ’16 (UMASS), with assistance from Mila Waldman and Elizabeth Barker.

All are welcome to attend the public gallery talk marking the exhibition opening on Saturday, May 3, at noon.

Check out the photo album of the student acquisition project that brought Tracking Shot to Amherst College. To support the annual Trinkett Clark Memorial Student Acquisition Project, and provide future students with the opportunity to learn about museum acquisitions while honing their close-looking and critical-thinking skills, please visit this web page.

Made possible with generous support from the Amherst Art Series and the Friends of the Mead Art Museum.