December 11, 2019 - July 26, 2020

About the Exhibition

Join students this fall in a conversation on food, culture, art, and power, culminating in an exhibition at the Mead, opening December 11. Drawing from the Mead’s collection of photographs, prints, paintings, and porcelain table settings, as well as Amherst College’s own material culture of dining—from plates to banquet menus—students will create an immersive display that responds to key questions: How have people built kinship, community, and meaning through food and eating? What visual and material culture has been created to celebrate and consider the act of planting, preparing, and consuming food? What has been considered a food delicacy and how has that shifted over time? In what ways have foodstuffs been part of a “transit of empire?” What new stories might emerge through conversations among those objects? Student curators will draw from the fields of anthropology, museum studies, art history, and cultural studies, and meet with local food growers, chefs, and activists from Book & Plow farm and across western Massachusetts. Check back here in the fall to follow their progress. 

Eat! An Exhibition Seminar at the Mead, Fall 2019, Wednesdays 2–5 pm