Abstract oil painting with an orange sun burning at the center above a waning moon.

Ayo Eniola (Class of 2024), That From Which We All Emerge. Oil painting. 2021

March 7–June 25, 2023

This visual art showcase is part of the Black Art Matters Festival, a student-led celebration that highlights the work and artistic achievement of Amherst’s Black students. The exhibition of student artwork will be on view at the Mead Art Museum March 7–June 25, 2023. Please join us for the opening of the Black Art Matters Festival on March 7th at 6:00pm at the Mead Art Museum. Event details can be found here.

Participating artists include: Alana Bailey '23, Makayla Boxley '24, Angie Camarena '25, Zora Duncan '23, Ayo Eniola '24, Maya Foster '23, Kendall Greene '24, Tiia McKinney '25, Osasikemwen Ogieva '25, Beluolisah (Bo) Oranye '23, Zachary Rivers '24, Maëlle Sannon '24, Jacinta Smith '25, Naila Thevenot '23, Neviah Waldron '24, and Abadai Zoboi '25. 

The Sixth Annual Black Art Matters Festival is scheduled for March 4–7, 2023. For More information about the Black Art Matters Festival, please click here.