Q&A with Director David E. Little about being a Friend

David Little at the Mead Art Museum

David E. Little, Mead Director & Chief Curator through August 2021

Q. Who are the Friends of the Mead?

A. Formed in 2009, the Friends are Amherst alumni and community members who provide vital support for the Mead’s educational mission. Team Mead, the museum’s volunteer student group, is a leading benefactor and catalyst of the Friends. We’re grateful for the generosity shown by all the Friends. Our current goal is to increase the number of Friends and total contributions so we can create more opportunities for all students, from athletes to scientists, to connect with the arts.

Q. In the age of Facebook, it seems like everyone is “friends” with everyone. What’s so special about being a Friend of the Mead?

A. If you’re a Friend of the Mead, you’re helping to connect a new generation of students with the intellectual and aesthetic pleasure of art. That’s what’s so amazing about the Amherst community. Alums have been making those connections possible for generations through their generosity.

Q. If I become a Friend of the Mead, will the museum do “friend” things for me, like help me move or send me a special birthday card?

A. Well, if you don’t live nearby already, we do hope to inspire you, through great exhibitions and installations, to relocate to Amherst. If that’s not possible, you’ll still receive invitations from us to engaging events throughout the year. We can’t help you move, but we can give you a lot to look at and think about. We can also help entertain your friends and family. For free.

Q. Can a museum be my best friend?

A. It depends. Do you need to touch everything on your best friend’s walls? If you do, then, umm, no. But seriously, like a best friend, the Mead is always here for you. We’re open longer hours than almost any museum in the country, and you can visit our collection any hour, day or night, on the web. Yes, of course, we will be your best friend—and introduce you to many more.

Friends of the Mead

David Little and Emily Potter-Ndiaye in front of a modern art work in the Mead Museum

David E. Little, Mead Director through August 2021 & Chief Curator and Emily Potter-Ndiaye, Head of Education & the Andrew W. Mellon Curator of Academic Programs

Join one of our Leadership Giving Societies—which are based on the founding of the Mead Art Museum in 1949—to benefit from exclusive member-only perks and support Amherst College’s treasured art museum.

21st Century Mead: $5,000.00

*Associated costs not included

The 1949 Director’s Circle: $1,949.00

The Rotherwas Society: $194.90 

The 1949 Society: $19.49

Ways to Give

Option 1:   Visit our secure web page.

Option 2: Give by phone, 1-866-542-GIFT (4438)

Option 3:
  Give by mail. Make check payable to “Trustees of Amherst College” and send to Friends of the Mead Art Museum, AC 2228, Amherst College, P.O. Box 5000, Amherst, MA 01002-5000.