October 2, 2012—The Mead’s digitization team has made a fascinating discovery! A small leather-bound album, entered into the Mead’s collection in 1853 and stored in an archival box bearing the unassuming label “American Autographs,” is actually the scrapbook of Dr. Francis E. DuBois, a medical doctor who is perhaps best remembered for his term as President of the American Urological Association from 1926 to 1928. As our digitization team discovered, the scrapbook contains a sizeable collection of mid-nineteenth century autographs—including those of Supreme Court justices, artists, authors, poets, composers, musicians, and political figures. But it also includes, less predictably, an exquisite selection of ten small landscape paintings and portraits executed in watercolors, wash, graphite, and oils by an impressive roster of artists: Martin Johnson Heade, Arthur Parton, Kruseman van Elten, J.G. Brown, George Herbert McCord, Archibald Cary Smith, Julian O. Davidson, and John L. Fitch. The album also holds two letters from Frederic Edwin Church to Heade, as well as correspondence from Rembrandt Peale, Asher B. Durand, and A.H. Wyant.  This rediscovery has meaningfully enriched the Mead’s holdings of Heade’s work, by adding the album’s miniature oil painting of a tropical beach scene at sunset and the letters from Church to the museum’s beloved oil painting of a hummingbird, Red-tailed Comet in the Andes, and recently-donated still life, Three Red Roses in a Metal Vase on Gold Velvet.