November 13, 2012—One hot day in July not long after lunch, the Mead's Head of Security, Heath Cummings, witnessed a strange occurrence: directly across the street from the museum's security office, a man stepped from an idling car and disappeared into the bushes near Chapin Hall. Moments later, the man re-emerged holding a large object: a 10-foot long copper downspout, evidently torn from the building. As Mr. Cummings watched, the man began to jump on the downspout, crushing the precious copper into a compact, portable bundle. Mr. Cummings informed campus police and a team of officers, including Campus Police Officers Jeffery Edwards, James Keedy, and Sgt. Jeffrey Shea, raced to the scene and intercepted the getaway vehicle. When Mr. Cummings joined them moments later, his eyewitness identification of the "perp," combined with the museum's security camera video recording of the incident, prompted a confession, the recovery of the purloined property, and an arrest. As they say in Hawaii Five-O—and sometimes, even here at Amherst—"Book 'im, Danno!"