January 21, 2014Has the dead French painter William-Adolphe Bouguereau been whispering in Teresa Caputo’s ear? If you've ever seen the reality TV show Long Island Medium, a popular series in its fourth season on TLC, you may be surprised to know that a copy of one of the Mead’s great treasures, Bouguereau’s Work Interrupted (Le travail interrompu), made a cameo appearance last fall in the background of the episode called “Me and V in the Catskills.”

Hanging on the wall of the country inn where medium Teresa Caputo and her teenage daughter go for a weekend getaway, a smaller version of the French masterpiece is visible in the background while Caputo speaks to the innkeeper. TV and movie studios frequently rent fine art reproductions (and sometimes the real thing) to build sets, and even reality TV shows are sometimes staged this way. Bouguereau reproductions are widely available for purchase, since the artist has been dead for over 70 years and the image belongs in the public domain. But there’s only one place to see the real thing—live—and that’s the Mead!