May 21, 2014—Great artists have to start somewhere! The Mead recently gave budding artists a nudge toward greatness, equipping children visitors to the Mead's Family Fun Day event with crayons and paper, and giving them a tour, for inspiration, of the masterpieces on display in the main gallery — including Thomas Cole landscapes, a Martin Heade hummingbird, and Asher Brown Durand’s Landscape, Composition, Afternoon. The results are observant, unjaded, and almost-recognizable copies. They capture the stripes on the hummingbird’s tail feathers; the bow in the hair of George Bellows’s young daughter in Anne in Black Velvet; the smallness of a lone horse against the backdrop of its giant American landscape. There are embellishments of course, details that match nothing known to exist in the Mead’s large collection: smiling suns, a unicorn with rainbow wings surrounded by stars (!), and a self-portrait (one hopes) depicting two parents holding hands with what looks like the best-loved child in art history ever.  These gems are on view in an online exhibition here.