Faculty have used the Mead’s collections in their courses in various ways—as sources of inspiration for fresh creations in prose, poetry, painting, dance, and song; as geometric forms suited for mathematical assessment; as documents of material culture ripe for historical investigation; as physical compounds that evidence their chemical composition; as semiotic systems suitable for analysis; and much more.

The Mead’s education staff is committed to providing faculty and students—including those with no previous experience with art or art museums—with access to the intellectual rewards of close visual analysis. 

Class Visits

Scheduling a Visit

The Mead welcomes class visits Tuesday through Friday from 9:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. during the academic year. In special circumstances, other arrangements can be made. To assist the Mead in accommodating all the visitors who seek our services, and to allow our staff adequate preparation time, please schedule your class visit at least three weeks before the desired date.

Selecting Works of Art

The Mead’s rich collection of over 19,000 objects has something to offer every discipline. Our educators can work with you to select works relevant to your course materials. You can also search the museum’s online database that lists every artwork in the collection, and consult our published collection catalogues. Works of art currently on view are always available, and museum staff are happy to bring approximately 10 objects to the study room from storage.

Let’s Get Started!

Contact Emily Potter-Ndiaye, Dwight and Kirsten Poler & Andrew W. Mellon Head of Education and Curator of Academic Programs, for help identifying promising opportunities for museum class visits in your course syllabus; selecting relevant works of art to view; and to reserve the museum’s study room for your class.