Completed Course Projects

Classics 28: Life in Ancient Rome
Professor Luca Grillo's students researched seventeen Roman artifacts in the Mead's collections, presented in "Boudoir, Bath and Temple: Life in Ancient Rome," a special web exhibition and on rotating view in the museum's Kunian Gallery. May 19 December 27, 2009.

English 27: Writing Poetry II
Professor Daniel Hall used works in the museum's collection to engage their students in the art of ekphrasis. Fall 2009.

Kenan Colloquium 24: Giving
For this seminar offered by Professors C. Rhonda Cobham-Sander and Molly Mead, three students—Amanda McGinn '10, Jessica Mestre '10, and Emily Pawlowski '12—created a video presentation addressing the philanthropic activities of two alumni art collectors, George D. Pratt, class of 1893, and Herbert Lee Pratt, class of 1895. Fall 2009.

Interterm 2012:  Rediscovering the "All-american Camera"
Participants in this non-credit interterm course, facilitated by curatorial fellow Maggie Dethloff, were introduced to the history and use of the Graflex Speed Graphic camera, the standard in mid-20th century photojournalism. January 2012.

Math 12: Intermediate Calculus
Professor Benjamin Hutz's students visited the Mead to calculate the volume of objects on view, including a Greek amphora and Mexican jar. With the assistance of Mead staff, the students measured the objects at various heights and widths to determine size and shape. Then, they drew upon their mathematical skills to derive functions and determine volume. Spring 2009.

Math 13: Multivariable Calculus
Using the Mathematica program, Professor Benjamin Hutz's students created three-dimensional models of works of art studied at the Mead. The models are composed of spheres, cylindrical surfaces, ellipsoids, paraboloids, and hyperboloids. For many of the students, this class visit to the Mead marked their first experience in an art museum. In a series of audio podcast tours, the students discuss how this project inspired them, how it made them look at art differently, and whether or not they consider themselves to be artists. Fall 2008–Fall 2009.

Music 21: European Studies 37:  Music and Culture 1
Students in Prof. Klára Móricz’s class examined two medieval manuscript leaves with musical notations; through comparative study, the students were able to identify the liturgical works recorded on each page. The project culminated in an evening performance of the vocal pieces, composed for the Feast of St. Michael Archangel and for the Fourth Sunday of Advent. Fall 2010.

Music 49: Seminar in the Anthropology of Music
In conjunction with Professor Jeffers Engelhardt’s spring 2009 class Music 49: Seminar in the Anthropology of Music, which examined the Eastern Orthodox-inspired music of Estonian composer Arvo Pärt, the Mead mounted a display of Russian icons. Using the icons as visual counterparts to the musical compositions, Professor Engelhardt’s students considered the interconnections and disjunctions between Eastern Orthodox liturgical music and visual images, in religious and secular contexts. The class then organized a concert of Pärt’s compositions, performed alongside the icon display on March 1, 2009, and currently broadcast within the same space.

Women's and Gender Studies 3: Gender and Ethnicity in Latin America
Manuela Picq and her students selected a dozen objects from the museum's pre-Hispanic collection to study in depth, with a particular emphasis on ancient gender roles. Fall 2009.