Icons in Sound: Music of Arvo Pärt

Jeffers Engelhardt, Assistant Professor of Music


March 1, 2009, 4:00 p.m., Mead Art Museum
Professors of Music Jeffers Engelhardt and David Schneider, Triin Vallaste, and Joel Pitchon, with students from the Amherst College Choral Society directed by Mallore Chernin

This concert features solo, chamber, and choral works by Estonian composer Arvo Pärt.  Considered icons in sound, his pieces reflect a shared aesthetic and spiritually with Eastern Orthodox icons--a selection of which formed the backdrop for this museum concert.  Students in Professor Engelhardt’s course (Music 49: Seminar in the Anthropology of Music), participated in the concert, a recording of which (available here) is broadcast in the museum installation.  Participants Dana Kaufman, Class of 2012, Andrew Holgate, Class of 2010, and Christopher Tullis, Class of 2010E, produced the concert program notes, a summarized version of which can be read here.

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