Women's and Gender Studies 3: Gender and Ethnicity in Latin America

Manuela Picq Fall 2009 class visit
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Manuela Picq and her students selected a dozen objects from the museum's pre-Hispanic collectin to study in depth, with a particular emphasis on ancient gender roles.  Fall 2009.  Click on the image for additional information.


Hammered Beaker
Hammered Beaker
South America; Peru
Ca. 1200 A.D.
Pre-Columbian, Chimu
AC 1964.145
Stirrup Spout Vessel

Moche Vessel

Pottery, buff earthenware
Northwest Coast, Peru
Intermediate Period
350-500 A.D.
7.75 inches; 19.69 cm.
Mead Art Museum
Anonymous gift
AC 1977.12

Stirrup Spout Vessel

Stirrup Spout Vessel with Phallus

Moche Civilization; Pre-Columbian
Northern Coast, Peru
100-450 C.E.
Buff Earthenware Pottery
10 3/4 in.; 27.305 cm
Anonymous gift
AC 1977.13

Net Balance Scale

Net Balance Scale

South America; Peru
600-900 A.D.
Bone, cotton, wool, stone, linen, spondylus
Bone: 4 7/8 x 5/8 in.; 12.3825 x 1.5875 cm; suspending string: 17 1/2 in.; 44.45 cm; nets: 23 1/2 x 8 3/4 in.; 59.69 x 22.225 cm
Gift of Mrs. George D. Pratt
AC M.1940.1

Sewing Basket

Basket with weaving implements

Late Intermediate Period
Chimu. North Coast, Peru
A.D. 1100-1534
H. 2 3/4 in., w. 12 1/4 in., d. 4 in.
Basket: plaited reeds over split canes.
Contents: five wooden spindles, bobbins (camelid fiber and cotton), five stone spindle whorls, unspun camelid fiber and cotton.
Gift of Mrs. George D. Pratt
AC M.1940.3

Hat Pin


Pre-Colombian, Andean
Ca. Middle Horizon (around 600 A.D.)-Late Horizon (c.1475-1532)
Gift of Mrs. George D. Pratt
AC M.1940.4

Shirt Fragment

Shirt Fragment
Chancay Civilization; Pre-Columbian
Central Coast, Peru
21 ¾ x 25 ¾ in.; 55.245 x 65.405 cm
AC T.1933.3

Tapestry Fragment

Tapestry Tunic Fragment
Ca. 500-1000 A.D.
Warp: cotton; weft: camelid wool
Gift of George D. Pratt (Class of 1893)
AC T.1933.6

Clothing fragment with Jaguars

Clothing Fragment with Pampas Cats

South America; Peru
100 B.C.-100 A.D.
Cotton ground, wool embroidery
9 x 20 in.; 22.86 x 50.8 cm
Gift of George D. Pratt (Class of 1893)
AC T.1933.7