Select Class-Related Artwork

Need help selecting?

Feel free to contact Keffie Feldman at or (413) 542-8229 for suggestions about the kinds of objects that may be relevant to your course. The Mead’s rich collection of over 19,000 objects has something to offer every discipline!

You can also search the online database listing every artwork in the collection and consult a list of published collection catalogues.

If you already know which works of art you hope to show your class, Keffie Feldman at or (413) 542-8229 to schedule your visit to the galleries and/or study room.

A few weeks before your class visit, Keffie will work with you to finalize a list of objects for your class to see. Works of art currently on view are always available, and museum staff are happy to bring approximately 10 objects to the study room from storage.