Already Know What You Would Like To See?

Orientation Mini Course

If you already know which works of art you hope to show your class, please contact Pamela Russell, at or (413) 542-8229, to schedule your visit to the galleries and/or to the Study Room. Because the museum’s collection database and published catalogues do not always capture fully the richness of Amherst’s holdings, museum staff would be happy to propose additional objects of potential interest for your courses.

A few weeks before your class visit, Pamela will work with you to create a list of objects to see. Works of art currently on view are always available, and museum staff would be happy to bring approximately 10 objects to the Study Room from storage (with larger numbers possible if appropriate).

For faculty members unfamiliar with approaches to incorporating works of art into productive class sessions, Pamela is available to provide guidance and to help facilitate discussions. In our experience, students find the encounter with original works immediately stimulating and need little prompting to offer their many opinions and insights!