In seeking to enhance intellectual life at Amherst, the Mead offered Mellon Faculty seminars—made possible with support from the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation—that provided faculty members from every academic discipline with the resources needed to learn in depth about the college’s broad and varied art collection and incorporate original works of art from the collection into teaching and research.

Past Mellon Faculty Seminars

Changing Perceptions: Exploring Color, Context, and Content in Teaching at the Mead
September 10–11, 2015. Guest Scholars: Prof. Susan Barry, Mount Holyoke College, and Prof. Jeffrey Saletnik, Indiana University Bloomington

Looking at Glass Through an Interdisciplinary Lens: Teaching and Learning with the Mead's Collection
January 15–16, 2015. Guest Scholar: Kelly Conway, Corning Museum of Glass

Art for Life’s Sake: Teaching with African Art at the Mead Art Museum 
June 12–13, 2014. Guest Scholar: Dr. Kate Ezra, Yale University

The World in a Woodblock: Teaching with Japanese Prints in the Mead Art Museum
January 9–10, 2014
Seminar Leader: Bradley Bailey, E. Rhodes and Leona B. Carpenter Postdoctoral Curatorial Teaching Fellow, Mead Art Museum

Prints with a Purpose: Teaching with Nineteenth-Century Lithographs and Engravings at the Mead
June 13–14, 2013
Guest Scholar: Georgia B. Barnhill, Curator Emerita, American Antiquarian Society

Teaching Tokyo at the Mead Art Museum, Half-day Mellon Workshop
December 14, 2012
Workshop Leader: Samuel Morse, Amherst College

Style, Structure, and Status: A Cross-Disciplinary Exploration of Chairs at the Mead
June 7–June 8, 2012
Guest Scholar: Galen Cranz, University of California, Berkeley

What Time Is It? Teaching Thematically with Clocks, Watches, and Related Works of Art at the Mead
January 19–20, 2012
Guest Scholar: Kristen Lippincott, The Exhibitions Team

Teaching with Thangkas at the Mead Art Museum: Materials, Methods, and Meanings
August 30–31, 2011
Guest Scholar: Katherine Anne Paul, Expert in the arts of the Himalayas.

Teaching with Photographs in the Collection of the Mead Art Museum: Art, Science, and History
January 20–January 21, 2011
Guest Scholar: Keith F. Davis, Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art

Amherst’s Russian Icons: Understanding and Teaching with Original Works of Art
June 7–8, 2010
Guest Scholar: Wendy Salmond, Chapman University

Integrating the Mead Art Museum’s Collection of Pre-Hispanic Central and South American Art Across the Curriculum
January 14–15, 2010
Guest Scholar: Rosemary A. Joyce, University of California, Berkeley

American Portrait Miniatures at the Mead Art Museum
June 18–19, 2009
Guest Scholar: Robin Jaffee Frank, Yale University Art Gallery