Past Mellon Faculty Seminars

Looking at Glass Through an Interdisciplinary Lens: Teaching and Learning with the Mead's Collection
Jan 15–16, 2015. Guest Scholar: Kelly Conway, Corning Museum of Glass

Art for Life’s Sake: Teaching with African Art at the Mead Art Museum 
June 12–13, 2014. Guest Scholar: Dr. Kate Ezra, Yale University

The World in a Woodblock: Teaching with Japanese Prints in the Mead Art Museum
January 9–10, 2014
Seminar Leader: Bradley Bailey, E. Rhodes and Leona B. Carpenter Postdoctoral Curatorial Teaching Fellow, Mead Art Museum

Prints with a Purpose: Teaching with Nineteenth-Century Lithographs and Engravings at the Mead
June 13–14, 2013
Guest Scholar: Georgia B. Barnhill, Curator Emerita, American Antiquarian Society

Teaching Tokyo at the Mead Art Museum, Half-day Mellon Workshop
December 14, 2012
Workshop Leader: Samuel Morse, Amherst College

Style, Structure, and Status: A Cross-Disciplinary Exploration of Chairs at the Mead
June 7–June 8, 2012
Guest Scholar: Galen Cranz, University of California, Berkeley

What Time Is It? Teaching Thematically with Clocks, Watches, and Related Works of Art at the Mead
January 19–20, 2012
Guest Scholar: Kristen Lippincott, The Exhibitions Team

Teaching with Thangkas at the Mead Art Museum: Materials, Methods, and Meanings
August 30–31, 2011
Guest Scholar: Katherine Anne Paul, Expert in the arts of the Himalayas.

Teaching with Photographs in the Collection of the Mead Art Museum: Art, Science, and History
January 20–January 21, 2011
Guest Scholar: Keith F. Davis, Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art

Amherst’s Russian Icons: Understanding and Teaching with Original Works of Art
June 7–8, 2010
Guest Scholar: Wendy Salmond, Chapman University

Integrating the Mead Art Museum’s Collection of Pre-Hispanic Central and South American Art Across the Curriculum
January 14–15, 2010
Guest Scholar: Rosemary A. Joyce, University of California, Berkeley

American Portrait Miniatures at the Mead Art Museum
June 18–19, 2009
Guest Scholar: Robin Jaffee Frank, Yale University Art Gallery