About Public Humanities at the Mead

Public Humanities in the classroom engages students, faculty, and outside partners in authentic projects that will encourage students to apply critical thinking in new contexts. Course assignments may scaffold to a culminating project designed for a broad audience, such as a podcast, exhibition, illustrated timeline, school curriculum, or walking tour. Public Humanities projects should be guided by core values: 

  • Accessibility - ensuring multiple entry points
  • Polyvocality - incorporating multiple perspectives and voices
  • Collaboration - the end result reflects a truly collaborative process, that is unique to the cohort of students and partners

Course Highlight: ANTH 303: Eat! Exhibition Seminar at the Mead

Inside ANTH 303 Eat! Exhibition Seminar at the Mead

ANTH 303 Eat! Exhibition Seminar at the Mead, Fall 2019

In this course, taught by Prof. Amy Cox Hall and Mead Head of Education Emily Potter-Ndiaye, 16 students collaboratively curated an exhibition about food, culture, memory, history, and art. Moving between the classroom and the museum, students explored a range of topics in food studies, museum studies, and art in order to collectively hone in on a theme, checklist, title, and big idea. Small groups worked on completing the research, writing, layout, and interpretive strategies for six sections within the group exhibition. 

Learn more about the students’ exhibition, Embodied Taste.

Take a Virtual Tour of Embodied Taste.