A museum professional wears a mask and looks at a laptop screen in front of her. The computer screen shows students in a virtual classroom. On the wall are two prints that are being streamed.
Miloslava Hruba, Study Room Manager and European Print Specialist, Live Streams with Remote Learning Students with Mead Prints in the Study Room

Schedule a Zoom session during your class time, or with sections of your class. Mead staff will be present in the museum, while the faculty member and students tune in remotely. This model is synchronous and facilitated.

To schedule a Zoom visit to the Mead, email Emily Potter-Ndiaye at epotterndiaye@amherst.edu. We advise scheduling your class by January 13, or at least 3 weeks in advance of the session date.

Zoom Course Highlight: Fundamentals of Spanish Language and Culture I (SPAN-101)

After moving to remote instruction in Spring 2020, Professor Jeanette Sanchez-Naranjo’s Fundamentals of Spanish Language and Culture I (SPAN-101) class worked with the Mead for a Zoom session and subsequent assignment as virtual museum registrars. 

In a preliminary Zoom session, Mead Head of Education and Curator of Academic Programs Emily Potter-Ndiaye introduced students to object analysis with Back-to-Back Drawing— a playful, one-on-one exercise in breakout rooms to build descriptive vocabulary (shape, size, scale, texture). In subsequent sessions, students played out an art heist scenario from their Spanish language text, in which they performed the role of museum registrars filling out actual museum condition reports on artworks in Spanish. Final presentations took place via Zoom and involved the entire class as they had to guess which object from an online gallery each report referred to.

Course Condition Reports in English and Spanish