The Mead's Haitian Art Collection

As the thoughts of communities at Amherst College and across the Pioneer Valley extend to the people of Haiti following that country's devastating earthquake, the Mead Art Museum is honored to display Haitian artworks from its collection as objects of contemplation, solace, and pride.  Students in the museum's volunteer docents program will speak about the Mead's Haitian art collection in a free public event on Wednesday, February 3rd, at 7:00 p.m.

The Mead holds fourteen works of Haitian art, illustrated below. Please click on an image to enlarge it and obtain additional information.

Montas Antoine, "Untitled Flowers"Montas Antoine
Untitled Flowers
Pierre Augustin, "Mamba in a Trance"Pierre Augustin
Mamba in a Trance
PigGabriel Bien-Aimé
Wilson Bigaud, "Untitled Fruit Vendor"Wilson Bigaud
Untitled Fruit Vendor
Sisson Blanchard, "Turkeys"Sisson Blanchard
Murat Brierre, "Untitled Crucifixion"Murat Brierre
Untitled Crucifixion
Pierre Fernand, "Fruit"Pierre Fernand
Jean Claude Jenty, "Sculpture"Jean Claude Jenty
Antonio Joseph, "Le Petit Garcon"Antonio Joseph
Le Petite Garçon
Pierre Louis, "Untitled Jungle Scene with Animals"Pierre Louis (aka Jean Claude Paul)
Untitled Jungle Scene with Animals
Alexix Vincent, "Historic Colonial Scene"Alexis Vincent
Historic Colonial Scene
"Vodoo Flag "Djobolo Bossou"C.B.
Vodoo Flag "Diobolo Bossou"
Unknown artist, "Vodoo Flag, Saint Jacques Majeur"Unknown artist
Vodoo Flag "Saint Jacques Majeur"
Unknown Artist, Sculpture

Unknown artist