Adventures Around Amherst

Welcome to Annika and Dalya’s tour of the Connecticut River Valley! We spent the whole summer searching for the best spots in the area, highlighting interesting geologic formations and important historical sites. Explore our blog to create your own fun, family-friendly expedition into the valley or just to learn a little more about local natural history. From evidence of glaciers and continental collision, to the home of former College president Edward Hitchcock and the grave of dinosaur-track-collector Roswell Field, we hope everyone can find something to love.  We provide tips for finding each spot and knowing what to look for, fun facts and information, and some photos of our awesome adventures. 

We hope you enjoy your expedition into this amazing environment we call home. 

Annika Baldwin ‘24 and Dalya Ackerman ‘23


History of the Valley

Topographic Map of Connecticut River Valley

Useful Background Information

If you’re interested, it might be helpful to understand the diverse and interesting history of the region to contextualize the spots on our blog. Here, we break it down into three eras and provide an overview. For more details, visit the top floor of the Beneski Museum, or reach out to a geology major or faculty member. 

History of the Valley