Note: The Beneski Museum does not maintain an image library. Images for publication must be obtained by the publishing author. Permission must be obtained before any image or other media may be published (including on websites). Please read this agreement carefully before filling out the form, below.

I acknowledge and understand that I have been granted permission by the Beneski Museum of Natural History at Amherst College (“the Museum”) to make limited use of certain digital or print images (made by me or my agent with the Museum’s permission) of objects and/or items in the possession of the Museum, subject to the terms and conditions of this agreement. Specifically, I agree to use the images of the items or objects specified in the “Subject(s)” section below only for the purposes listed in the “Permitted Purposes” section below. I further agree that I will make no other use of the image(s) and will not receive any financial compensation or other consideration for permitting the image to be obtained, copied or published by others. In the case where I provide a copy of an image to another (e.g. to a publisher) for the Permitted Purposes specified here, I will ensure the recipient agrees to make no other use of the image than that authorized here. I also agree to take all appropriate steps to ensure that whenever the image is published or displayed it will be accompanied by text giving appropriate credit and attribution to the “Beneski Museum of Natural History, Amherst College, The Trustees of Amherst College”.

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