Wilder Observatory telescope


Our community programs are suitable for all ages. Using the large, world-class refractor telescope, depending on what is in the sky at the time, vistors may see:

  • the moon
  • planets
  • asteroids
  • comets
  • multiple stars
  • star clusters
  • nebulae
  • galaxies and more

Community programs are facilitated by Tom Whitney of the Astronomy Association.

Educational Resources from NASA

Educators are just one click away from accessing information on NASA topics and programs. An alphabetical index is available on all of the "For Educators" pages on NASA's Web site, http://www.nasa.gov. Choose from NASA educational resources, programs and projects, mission information, multimedia, NASA history, aeronautics, space science, Earth science, space operations, the Vision for Space Exploration and much more.

A-Z Index for Educators

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