The three student marshals lead the commencement procession.

Class marshals (left to right): Aaron Gordoa ’22, Jonathan Paul ’22 and Daniela Valdez ’22.

Andrew Nussbaum and President Biddy Martin, wearing regalia, head towards the stage.

Andrew Nussbaum ’85, chair of the Board of Trustees, and President Biddy Martin pass by a parent holding a large cutout of her graduating senior.

A female student, walking in line with other robed graduates, raises her fist in celebration.

Josie Underwood '22, the happy graduate with her hand in the air, is the senior in the cutout in the previous photo. (Thanks, Mom!)

Two female graduates celebrate after receiving prizes.

Ilyssa S. Forman-Roberts (left) and Emma C. Cape (right) shared the 2022 Obed Finch Slingerland Memorial Prize, awarded to a member of the senior class who, during their first three years at Amherst, shows, through their determination and accomplishment, “the greatest appreciation of and desire for a college education.”

Amongst a crowd of graduates in full regalia, one students stands and waves.

Sebastian Son ’22 waves to Adrian Rodriguez, the high school teacher he nominated for the Phebe and Zephaniah Swift Moore Teaching Award. The honor recognizes instructors and counselors who have been important in the lives of graduating Amherst students. The winners were chosen by a committee of seniors, faculty and staff from nominations submitted by the graduating class.

Abdullah Brownel ’22, the student commencement speaker, smiles while sitting with his classmates.

Abdullah Brownel ’22 (center), selected by his peers to deliver the student speech during commencement, and Class Marshal Daniela Valdez ’22 (right).

A view of the stage during commencement where faculty and administrators look out at the crowd of graduating seniors.

Abdullah Brownel ’22 delivering the student Commencement speech, which explored the concept of "the Amherst dash."

President Biddy Martin receives an honorary degree from Andrew Nussbaum, Chair of the Board of trustees.

As Provost and Dean of the Faculty Catherine Epstein placed an honorary academic hood on Martin’s shoulders, Andrew Nussbaum ’85, chair of the Board of Trustees, concluded his remarks: “Today, Biddy, we celebrate your Amherst roots. We claim Biddy Martin as one of us. To use your words, [we claim you as] one of our kind.”

Amherst College graduates sit in the audience, awaiting the awarding of degrees.

Putting the day into perspective, the graduating class basks in the sun as the graduates cross the stage and receive their diplomas and their Conway Canes.

Four students celebrate receiving their diploma.

Exhuberant graduates receive their diplomas from President Biddy Martin: Josie Underwood (top left), Adam Nathoo (top right), Jonathan Paul (bottom left) and Natasha Semwaga (bottom right).

Two graduates, one standing and one sitting, bump fits in celebration.

Class Marshals Aaron Gordoa ’22 (left) and Jonathan Paul ’22 (center). Paul fist bumps Shakhzod Ali-Zade ’22, congratulating him on his diploma and cane.

A happy family member stands amongst the crowd, waves, and takes a photo.

Family and friends cheered on the graduates throughout the ceremony.

Graduates toss their caps in the air.

Graduates celebrate the conclusion of the ceremony with the time-honored tradition of the cap toss.

Two young black men pose together, their arms outstretched in celebration.

After the ceremony, Dagim Belete ’22 (left) and Jonathan Paul '22 (right) celebrate.

Family and friends congratualte the graduates.

Top left: Mase Peterson ’23E, left, congratulates graduate Riku Kusumoto ’22. Riku, a transfer student, was featured in the Amherst Student.

Top right: Lucy Carlson ’22 and Nicole Chung ’22. were both alternates for this year's Fulbright Fellowship.

Bottom left: Alexi Lee ’22 was a captain of women's crew.

Bottom right: Atekana Nyamaa ’22 (left) and Yaa Obeng ’22 (center), founded the Minority Association of Pre-Med Students (MAPS). Obeng is a Meiklejohn Fellow.

A family poses, celebrating graduation.

After the ceremony, William Cohen ’22 and his family lingered to celebrate and pose for photos.

A group of graduates pose together on the Academic Quad after the commencement ceremony.

Left to right: Helena Treiber ’22, Kate Lester ’22, Hannah Zhang ’22, Maria Gramotina ’22 and Carolyn Mavretish ’22.

The family of a graduate gathers and poses for a photo infront of the Mt Holyoke range.

Faith Merritt ’22 poses with her relatives, who sport matching congratulatory t-shirts.