Dance and Step at Amherst College (DASAC) engages with and spotlights styles of dance rooted in Black American culture and the larger Black Diaspora. Explore these photos from the “DASAC Fall 2022 Showcase: The A-List” performance which took place in the Powerhouse on December 3 & 4, 2022.


Amherst students during a live dance performance of  Satellite in the Powerhouse under purple lighting..

A performance of Satellite by Jess Li at the Powerhouse.

Choreographer: Jess Li ’24

Choreographer's Description:  Through SATELLITE, I hope to depict the sensuality and mystery of the A-Lister. I wanted this piece to be dramatic, mesmerizing, and confident, and my dancers have done an amazing job embodying it and giving it their all. Thank you for putting up with all the silly little clumps and all the chaos, and special thanks to Rizza for all your help and support in this process. Miranda, I am especially grateful for your boundless commitment and hard work throughout the semester. We're all dancing with you in mind. <3

Perfomers: Michelle Contreras ’25, Isaiah Doble ’25, Dominion Femi-Jegede ’26, Maya Foster ’23, Miranda Gibson, Jess Li ’4, Georgina Omaboe ’24, Rizza Santos ’23.

Song:  "Tears in the Club," sung by FKA Twigs, featuring The Weeknd.

“Sin City”

On a blue lit stage, Amherst students, members of DASAC, perform Sin City at the Powerhouse.

DASAC dancers performing Sin City at the Powerhouse.

Choreographer: Rizza Santos ’23

Choreographer's Description: Behind the glitz and glamour of fame, celebrities are no different from everyone else. We, too, like to indulge in our vices from time to time. This piece offers the audience a peek into what goes on behind the curtain... Much love to all of my wonderful dancers! Thank you so much for giving your all each rehearsal; none of this could be possible without you. :)

Performers: Teni Aina ’26, Sua Cho ’23, Maya Foster ’23, Jess Li ’24, Kao Morakinyo ’25, Anniyah Rawlins ’23, Justin Ruiz ’24, Rizza Santos ’23.

Songs: “Hit Different [REMIX],” sung by SZA, featuring Coco Jones, Ty Dolla $ign. “Wants and Needs” sung by Drake, Lil Baby.

“After Hours”

A dance performance called After Hours by Justin Ruiz and Mica Nimkarn

Choreographers: Justin Ruiz ’24 & Mica Nimkarn ’24

Choreographers’ Description: Are you ready to hit the club? "After Hours" embodies the fun and flirtiness of going out with your besties and having a good time. With this piece, we hope to channel the energy of 2000s hip-hop and just have fun! Thank you to all of our dancers for our silly and goofy rehearsals and for working super hard in bringing our vision to life. With love, JICA.

Performers: Mackenzie Dunson ’25, Nyla Guadalupe ’23, Jess Li ’24, Kao Morakinyo ’25, Mica Nimkarn ’24, Omisha Purohit ’23, Gillian Richard ’24 , Justin Ruiz ’24.

Songs: “Want Not A Need,’ sung by Kidd Kenn featuring Baby Tate. “Good Love,” sung by City Girls featuring Usher.

“girls’ time!”

girls time performance in the Powerhouse at Amherst College.

A moment during the performance of girls time

Choreographer: Anniyah Rawlins ’23 

Choreographer's Description: “girls’ time!” is all about the girls! This piece is playful, groovy, and a little sensual; we’re channeling our inner Beyoncé. Thank you to all of my wonderful dancers for showing out for this piece, and special thanks to Georgina for helping me finish this choreography!

Performers: Mandi Bailey ’24, Jada Grant ’26, Mica Nimkarn ’24, Georgina Omaboe ’24, Anniyah Rawlins ’23, Sofia Rodrigo ’24, Isabel Sanchez ’26, Rachel Skoler ’25, Abadai Zoboi ’24.

Song: “HEATED” sung by Beyoncé.

“Wintour’s Muses”

Dance and Step at Amherst College performs Wintours Muses.

Wintours Muses being performed at Amherst College.

Choreographer: Abadai Zoboi '24

Choreographer's Description: VOGUE, Allure, Elle, NYLON, GLAMOUR. Your favorite supermodels of Amherst strut the stage for the biggest photoshoot of their careers, and it is THE moment. Shoutout to all the beautiful models I've been blessed to share the stage with. Y'all are absolute stars. <3

Performers: Jada Grant ’24, Kateryna Havryshchuk ’26, Javier Londono ’23, Adetola Makun ’26, Justin Ruiz ’24, Jasmynh Stokes ’26, Abadai Zoboi ’24.

Songs: “4K,” sung by DUCKWRTH featuring Phabo. “ROLE MODEL” sung by Brent Faiyaz.

“Rich B!tch Antics”

Amherst students performing a dance piece titled Rich B!tch Antics.

Choreographer: Javier Londono ’23

Choreographer's Description: This piece is all about sensuality and confidence. “Chanel Slides” focuses on fast and hard-hitting moves while “Persuasive” focuses on expression through formations and small groups. Thank you to all of my dancers for your time and effort this semester, I am so grateful. Special thanks to Quincy, Hannah, Mackenzie, Nyla, JICA, and Jess for all your help and inspiration you've given me.

Performers: Jasmine Alexandre ’26, Sua Cho ’23, Michelle Contreras ’25, Mackenzie Dunson ’25, Nyla Guadelupe ’23, Javier Londono ’23, Adetola Makun ’26, Mica Nimkarn ’24, Sofia Rodrigo ’24, Justin Ruiz ’24.

Songs: “Persuasive” sung by Doechii. “Chanel Slides” sung by Dreezy featuring Kash Doll.


dreamscape by Abadai Zoboi performed at the Powerhouse.

Choreographer: Abadai Zoboi ’24 

Choreographer's Description: Ethereal, euphoric, and ever-evolving. Welcome to the dreams of aspiring stars. Thank you to my dancers for believing in my vision and executing it with grace. This dream could not be realized without you all. <3

Performers: Andrea Díaz ’26, Dominion Femi-Jegede ’26, Eleanor Lee ’25, Jess Li ’24, Georgina Omaboe ’24, Omisha Purohit ’23, Anniyah Rawlins ’23, Ira Sobchyshyna ’24, Abadai Zoboi ’24.

Songs: “XTASY,” sung by Ravyn Lanae.

“hot sh*t only”

Students perform choreography by ACora Hickson and Corri Hickson titled hot sh*t only.

Choreographers: A’Cora Hickson ’25 & Corri Hickson ’25

Choreographers’ Description: In this show, we are STEPPING into a whole new level! STEP has enhanced this semester, as our piece captures the spirit, pride, and “celebrity” status we have as steppers here on campus. Corri and I (A'Cora) thank our fantastic team for their understanding and flexibility. We also want to thank Quincy for assisting in finishing one of our pieces and Jerome for creating our music cut. Thank you all for believing in us. Twins out!

Performers: Olamiposi “Olly” Ajao ’25, Jasmine Alexandre ’26, A'Cora Hickson ’25, Corri Hickson ’25, Javier Londono ’23, Moira Newman ’26, Anniyah Rawlins ’23, Ira Sobchyshyna ’24.

Songs: “Hot (Remix),”  sung by Young Thug featuring Gunna and Travis Scott. “Mob Ties,” sung by Drake.