On Aug. 28, 492 new members of the Amherst community arrived on campus. From move-in to first Squad Meetings, game night to academic advising, our new student dove into six days of Orientation activities, culminating in Opening Convocation in Johnson Chapel. For more photos, see our Move-in Day slideshow.

Class of 2022 photo
Members of the Class of 2022
Students moving in to Charles Pratt Dorm
Students moving in to Charles Pratt Dormitory
Word cloud of terms submitted by students on display: friendship, imperfection, integrity, honesty were the 4 most common words
A banner on stage asked students "What 3 words or phrases are most meaningful to you?"
Students listening to Biddy Martin's welcome.
Students attended a President's Welcome session on the first day of Orientation
Families of new students at President Martin's welcome.
Amherst College "fans" (aka parents and families) trying to stay cool at the President's Welcome session.
First academic squad meetings
First Squad meeting on Memorial Field
Squad members gathering together
A Squad Leader gathering members for their meeting
First squad meeting
Finding a little shade for Squad Meetings.
First squad meeting
Over the course of Orientation, the Squads meet a total of five times
New student advising
Jessica Yu ’22 attends New Student Advising with Professor Tekla Harms
New student advising
Professor Tekla Harms advising Jessica Yu as she signs up for classes
LEAP: Train Your Head to Think on its Feet
All news students participate in a LEAP program (Learn, Explore, Activate, and Participate) such as this one: "Train Your Head to Think on its Feet"
LEAP: Book & Plow Farm
During the Book and Plow LEAP program, students learned about growing methods, sustainability and food justice on the College's vegetable farm
LEAP: Book & Plow Farm
The Farm LEAP allows students to spend time outdoors, getting to know their peers and building community around food and farming
LEAP: Book & Plow Farm
During the Book and Plow LEAP, students spent time on the farm, with one afternoon devoted to swimming or hiking, and on the final day enjoyed a lunch made from food they helped to harvest
LEAP: Creative Arts & Performance
The Creative Arts & Performance LEAP encourages students to explore a range of creative processes workshops, attending events, and opportunities to perform
Danielle Allen
Danielle Allen, the James Bryant Conant University Professor at Harvard University and Director of Harvard’s Edmond J. Safra Center for Ethics, delivered this year’s <a href="mm/564873">DeMott Lecture</a>.
President Martin and faculty members in full regalia entering Johnson Chapel for Opening Convocation
President Martin at Convocation
President Biddy Martin at Convocation 2018. <a href="https://www.amherst.edu/mm/564861">Video and article</a> about Convocation
Students attending Convocation
Opening Convocation is the first formal gathering of the first-year students, at which the president and the faculty, all in full regalia, welcome the students to the college
Students attending Convocation
Convocation marks the end of Orientation