Curling. Poutine. Ice-skating. Live music. Those are some of the highlights of this year’s Winter Fest, in which students, faculty, staff and families kick off the semester with a celebration of New England’s coldest season. This year’s festival also featured interactive activities, such as a 30-foot inflatable slide and ice-sculpting demos. And there was hearty food, too, and plenty of it. Check out our event photos below.   

Three children pose for a photo inside a giant blow up snow globe.

There are always plenty of photo ops at Winter Fest, including climbing inside this life-sized snow globe.

Four college students pose for a photo inside a giant blow up snow globe.

The snow globe is for big kids too!

A photographer takes a photo of a large group of college students.

There's room for everyone on the “ski lodge.”

Four young women, balancing plates of food, hold up copies of a photo of the four of them from the Winter Fest photo booth.

A photo of four students holding a photo of (the same) four students. Things are getting very meta here at Winter Fest.

Samples of food from winter fest: poutine, glazed donuts, and waffles.

A sampling of the menu: top row (left to right) poutine (a Canadian dish that typically consists of french fries topped with cheese curds and gravy); dumplings with kimchi; bottom row (left to right): a glazed chocolate donut from the Donut Wall; Belgian pearl sugar waffles.


Students line up at one of the food stations during Winter Fest.

The food never disappoints at Winter Fest.

A large group of students ice skating in Orr Rink.

Need a break from playing games, listening to music, or sampling all the sweet and savory options? Head on over to Orr Rink and lace up your skates!

Three student, leaning on one another, hold up a roasted marshmallow.

Cooking s'mores at the firepit has become a tradition at Winter Fest.

Two student, one flashing a peace sign, roast marshmallows over a firepit.

Two children play inside a large blow up blue and purple slide.

Giant inflatable slide anyone?

A young man appears at the bottom of a large blow up indoor slide.

A young woman carries a hockey stick while playing a game at Winter Fest.

Winter Fest is a great time to brush up on your stickhandling skills.

Several student play a game of curling on synthetic ice.

It's never too late to try your hand at curling.

Two students play a game of curling.

Audience members waves to the band performing on a stage.

Musical entertainment was provided by Filosphy, LA’s premiere up-and-coming Asian American a cappella group, composed of over 20 artists in rotation whose goal is to further promote Asian representation through live performance.