WWLP-TV: Teaching Kids to Be More Resilient

Debra Edelman, psychologist in Amherst’s counseling center, spoke with the Springfield-area NBC News affiliate about preventing teen suicides in a lengthy interview.

The Chronicle of Higher Education: In Search of a 'Modern Sense of Place'

’00 alumna and editor Jennifer Acker spoke at length about the college’s new literary magazine, The Common, in this Q&A with the high-profile higher education publication.

WGGB-TV: Powerful Earthquake Hits Japan

Geology professor Tekla Harms explained the science of the devastating  earthquake and tsunami that hit Japan in March 2011 during a segment for the Springfield-area ABC News affiliate.

Inside Higher Ed: New Journal, Old School Values

The launch of The Common, as well as a companion publishing internship program and literary publishing course, drew the attention of Inside Higher Ed, which said the Amherst is taking “the road less traveled” in supporting it. The piece explored the current environment for literary journals and quoted Gregory Call, dean of the faculty, and The Common founder and editor Jennifer Acker ’00.

Wall Street Journal: Some Reasons We Honor Lincoln on Presidents Day

In a letter to the editor on the Wall Street Journal’s website, Hadley Arkes, Edward N. Ney Professor in American Institutions, argued that President Abraham Lincoln had more than enough qualifications for office, contrary to what the writer of an earlier Journal piece had asserted. “In the measuring of statecraft, the capacity of a leader to articulate the moral and political ends of the regime he would preserve, would indeed be counted as experience most relevant,” Arkes wrote. “And contrary to Mr. Tofel, it was not at the end of eight weeks in office that Lincoln ‘found his voice.’ That was the voice that led the American people to put him there.”

Boston Globe: From free jazz to electro-acoustic soundscapes

According to a piece that ran in the national newspaper, music professor Jason Robinson has “honed a capaciously creative body of work largely inspired by seminal, decade-defining conceptualists such as pianist Anthony Davis and trombonist George Lewis.” The story focused on Robinson and his work with his various musical ensembles. 

Only a Game: Kenra Stern: DI Swimmer, DIII School

Swimmer Kendra Stern ’11 and her in-the-pool successes were the focus of this feature on the nationally syndicated program produced by the Boston-area NPR affiliate. Also quoted were some of Stern’s teammates and coach Nick Nichols.

Hartford Courant: Lieberman's 'Season' Has Passed

Laurence Pevsner ’14, who contributes to a blog about politics, commented on the retirement of Connecticut Sen. Joseph Lieberman in the high profile newspaper. The Stamford Advocate later ran a feature on Pevsner and his co-bloggers as well.

New York Times: A Wife's Influence

A Mead Art Museum exhibition of the work of Orra White Hitchcock, a renowned illustrator and the wife of former Amherst president Edward Hitchcock, was featured in the Times’ Art & Design section. The Springfield Republican newspaper also ran a story on the show.

Music never stops for Jason Robinson

Music professor Jason Robinson was the subject of features in the San Diego Tribune and Los Angeles Times. “My motto is: ‘I compose for improvisers,’” he told the Trib. “Jazz is a tradition based on improvisation, and if we canonize it and don’t continue to expand that tradition, it will die.” Online publication All About Jazz, Secrets of Home Theater and High Fidelity and North County Times also reviewed his latest releases.