Big names at the podium: Boston Globe

Amherst President Anthony W. Marx was quoted about his own duty to speak at commencement in this story about colleges and universities clamoring for marquee speakers during graduation ceremonies.

My Hero, the Outlaw of Amherst: New York Times

Times art critic Holland Cotter wrote this column about the many “versions” of Emily Dickinson and his own touching experience of visiting the Belle of Amherst’s house, now the college’s Emily Dickinson Museum.

Washington Post blog: Imagining the Shroud of Turin

Matthew N. Schmalz ’87, a professor at the College of the Holy Cross, gave his views on the Shroud of Turin and discussed how art and the history of art professor Joel Upton shaped thinking about the relic.

Weekly Standard: A Crisis Republicans Should Not Waste

Political science professor Hadley Arkes weighed in on the affect that the passage of health care has had on both the Democratic and Republican parties in a column in The Weekly Standard. "Consumption, Well-Being and Awareness"

Economics professor Daniel Barbezat discussed developing and deepening awareness of how much we consume and how we feel in this essay he penned for the Corporation for Public Broadcasting’s Web site.

Jewish Daily Forward: Jewish Picture Books: A Magical Mixture

A new exhibit, “Monsters and Miracles: A Journey Through Jewish Picture Books,” opening in Los Angeles on April 8 at the Skirball Cultural Center, presents a chronological and historical context of how the Jewish picture book has evolved. Exhibit co-curator Ilan Stavans, Amherst College’s Lewis-Sebring Professor in Latin American and Latino Culture and a contributing editor at the Jewish Daily Forward newspaper spoke with a reporter about the show in a lengthy Q&A.