Daily Hampshire Gazette: Art synthesis: Curator fosters creative collaboration at the Mead

Bettina Jungen, Thomas P. Whitney, Class of 1937, Curator of Russian Art at the Mead Art Museum, was the subject of a lengthy article (subscription required) in the Daily Hampshire Gazette newspaper.

Jason Robinson's Music Releases

One of music professor Jason Robinson’s music albums, The Two Faces of Janus, was reviewed by web magazine Audiophile Audition, as well as online publication All About Jazz, which dubbed it “one of the year’s most compelling modern jazz recordings.” A second release, Cerulean Landscape, was the subject of a short but glowing item in The Bay Area Reporter; in it, the newspaper raved that Robinson and his collaborator “create a multi-hued, high-flying lyricism for the 21st century.”

Boston Globe: School Panel seeks advice on class sizes

Economics professor Steven Rivkin role as a consultant to a Boston-area school district was featured in this story in Massachusetts’ most high profile newspaper.

Amherst Bulletin: Newcomer impressed by Amherst's endurance

Kai Goldynia ’13 gave some thoughts on his home for four years in a piece that was published in the local paper.

Wall Street Journal: Behind the Scenes of Argentina’s Power Couple

The Wall Street Journal consulted political science professor Javier Corrales for an analysis of the president of Argentina and her late husband. “She was out there and Néstor was more reserved,” Corrales told the paper. “One interpretation was that he was more low-profile. The other interpretation was that he was the brain and she the mouth.”

Publishers Weekly: A Conversation on Love

“The mind is a restless thing and should be allowed to wander and to wonder,” Ilan Stavans told Publishers Weekly in a short piece about his latest work, With All Thine Heart: Love and the Bible. “We are often asking the mind to settle down, particularly in academia where specialists are celebrated for knowing a lot about very little.”

Museums 10’s Table for 10 Initiative

The Museums 10 collaboration—to which the Emily Dickinson, Mead Art and Natural History museums belong—has been generating buzz for its Table for 10 programming this year. The initiative was the focus of pieces by reporters with the Boston Globe, Daily Hampshire Gazette (subscription required), WAMC radio and Springfield Republican.