Submitted on Thursday, 8/30/2012, at 12:19 PM

Amherst College has lately been getting attention from numerous media outlets for its low-tech, old-school and winning method of matching student roommates.

“The experience of being in a small residential college in New England is about negotiating what it means to live with another person,” Assistant Dean of Students and Director of Residential Life Torin Moore told the Daily Hampshire Gazette. “For many, it's their first year away from their families, and it's important for us to get it right. This is someone you're living with day by day, someone you can grow and learn with.”

“Students at this age are often going to look for somebody they're going to feel comfortable with because they're just like them...We're going to look to really mix it up,” said Pamela Stawasz, assistant housing director, in an interview with USA Today.

“It’s cool to be introduced to new types of people,” Tom Sommers ‘16 told The Boston Globe, in a piece picked up by United Press International.