Submitted on Thursday, 8/9/2018, at 11:03 PM

Tracye McQuirter β€˜88, the author (with her mother Mary) of the new book Ageless Vegan: The Secret to Living a Long, Plant-based Life, recently spoke with Huffpost about the intersection of race, politics and food, and traced her own journey back to when, as a second-year at Amherst, she heard a life-changing speech by activist and comedian Dick Gregory.

β€œHe talked about politics, economics and culture of food, food deserts, why black folks eat the way we eat … he talked about using food as a tool for liberation. He traced the path of a hamburger, from a cow on the farm to the slaughterhouse, to a fast food restaurant, to a clogged artery, to a heart attack. It blew my mind.”