Submitted on Thursday, 9/6/2018, at 11:07 PM

The Society for Scholarly Publishing’s The Scholarly Kitchen recently featured an interview with Marshall Poe, founder of the New Books Network, an ever-expanding network of podcasts devoted to new scholarly works.

The College has partnered with Poe since 2015, providing a platform for the library of podcasts. The network now boasts 81 subject-specific podcast channels. Various channels have interviewed Amherst faculty about their newest books, and the network has devoted episodes to titles published by Amherst College Press.

“I sometimes think of the NBN as a kind of audio library; we’ve published 5,100 author interviews and add 100 new interviews every month. It just grows and grows, and as it does it becomes richer and richer. Even today, you can find pretty much anything in our online archive,” Poe said.